By Popular Demand: Hitler Exhibition in Berlin Extended

The first postwar exhibition inspired by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler organized in Germany has been so popular that it has been extended by three weeks until February 27, said representatives of the museum hosting it, the German Historical Museum (DHM). In the three months it has been opened, the “Hitler and the Germans” exhibition in Berlin attracted over 170,000 visitors. The Hitler exhibition explores the links between German society and Hitler’s rise to power in 1933.

“There has been great interest among Germans and also international tourists,” museum spokesman Rudolf Trabold said. “There have been lots of visitors from all over Europe.”

Given the topic of the exhibition, the German legacy under the Nazis which included World War II and the Holocaust, the museum was pleasantly surprised by the visitor turnout. The exhibition raised concernes among the German media, as they feared it could prove popular among neo-Nazis who idolize Hitler, but so far no problems have been reported.

The Hitler exhibition displays a large number of memorabilia, including SS and Gestapo uniforms and a sideboard from Hitler’s office, and also shows how all levels of German society – media, industry, the church, schools – fueled the Hitler cult in the 1930s and supported it throughout World War II.

“In no way do I consider it a glorification”, Stephan J. Kramer, secretary general of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told Reuters. “It’s an important contribution, but it still doesn’t ask the question of how could someone like Hitler come to power.”

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