Venture into Historical Savannah

Savannah was the first planned city in the U.S., and it has a large number of historically significant attractions that make it a major draw for tourists. If you are a history enthusiast, you will definitely want to plan your trip around some of the city’s oldest areas. After all, General William Sherman was so taken by the town’s natural beauty that he could not destroy it during the Civil War, and many of the architectural and landscape elements that caught his eye are still standing today.

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Tourists can enjoy the perfect mixture of history and modern conveniences by staying in hotels by midtown Savannah. They offer many kinds of places to lodge in from high class hotels to budget saving motels. By staying near midtown access with all the different kinds of public transportation that the city offers, it will make it easy to tour the city. You can also easily plan a walking tour of the main Historic District.

Six Historic Sites to Add to Your Itinerary

1. Fort Jackson – Tourists who have an interest in U.S. military history will be intrigued by a visit to this historic fort that is located just outside of town. The fort was used during the War of 1812, and it helped U.S. troops successfully defend the town from French and British soldiers.

2. Colonial Park Cemetery – This cemetery is the final resting place of a long list of prominent dignitaries, governors and other politicians from the colonial time period. The cemetery was closed to new burials prior to the start of the Civil War. Visitors who have an interest in the paranormal can sign up for daytime ghost tours of the grounds.

City Market Carriage Ride Tours -- Savannah (GA) July 2012

3. Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace – Children and adults who have ever been a member of the Girl Scouts will enjoy a visit to the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low. The Girl Scouts were founded by Low in 1912, and the home where she was born has been converted into a museum that details the history of the group.

4. Savannah History Museum – This popular museum has thousands of artifacts from Savannah’s past, and it also features Forest Gump’s Bench. Anyone who has an interest in truly learning about the history of this area should consider visiting the museum before they explore the rest of the town. After all, by seeing actual pieces of the town’s history, it will be easier to have a better appreciation of all of the historical attractions.

5. Owens Thomas House – Anyone who has an interest in architecture will definitely enjoy a visit to the Owens Thomas House. This historical building is considered to be one of the best examples of the English Regency style in the entire country, and the interior of the house has been kept in impeccable condition. Tourists will also have the opportunity to view the horse stables.

Savannah, GA

6. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist – The cathedral was built in 1876, and it showcases a stunning example of the French Gothic Style. Visitors of all religions tour the grounds and the interior of the cathedral to enjoy the architecture.

As you can see, Savannah offers a compelling list of historical buildings and sites. This city has a beautiful appeal with all of its history and uniqueness. A visit here would make the most enjoyable of trips, and not soon forgotten.

About the author

As a resident of the state of Georgia for over 17 years, Lisa Coleman can share what beauty and history lies in Savannah. With her many vacations and family visits to the historic district, she knows what an extraordinary city it truly is. By staying in the hotels by Midtown Savannah, a visitor will be in the center of all of the richness, beauty and uniqueness that the city offers.