Five Places to Visit while Backpacking across Europe

Europe adventure

An adventure filled with memories is all we seek—traveling, filling the soul with new enlightenment. Traveling solo and light has been the new go-to medium of traveling, walking on your own, and taking in everything a place has to offer. 

Visiting a place and don’t knowing what to do, there is the most challenging dilemma of backpackers apart from the expense. Besides money, you are on a budget, and backpacking means you want to explore the city while staying on a limited budget and having a raw experience, which consists of history, culture, art, stories, and entertainment. 

Here are five places to visit while backpacking

This list will come in handy when the pandemic doesn’t threaten as much. 

  1. Krakow – The city in Poland filled with youthful energy, seems to be an art piece that’s come to life; the place is home to students. The city is known for notorious parties, the trendiness of the site keeps one hooked. Offering the cheapest vodka and good beer, Krakow is home to a rich history. Medieval architecture draws you in to tell you its story.
  1. Budapest– Divided by a river Buda and Pest, the capital of Hungary has started to become a hot tourist spot. The city looks like it’s popped straight out of a postcard. The nightlife is worth experiencing, bars placed in abandoned buildings are a highlight of this city. Keep your eyes open for the museums and palaces. 
  1. Islay – An Island situated on the west coast of Scotland is beautiful. If you are a huge fan of whiskey, islay has a history with this alcoholic drink. Since the 16th century, locals have been making whiskey, first in the premises of their home and later in distillers. Apart from this, the magnificent beaches and hikes are sure to capture your heart. 
  1. Sofia – This city in Bulgaria represents its history of the Ottoman rule through the various monuments. Museums, palaces, and buildings that were built by the empire remain to date. Hikes and walks through the city would bring a sense of peace and relaxation. The food, wine, and beer are worth having, and to top it off is pocket friendly. 
  1. Interlaken – A small town situated in Switzerland, is a city more for sports and adventures in comparison to all the museums and sightseeing in other cities. Craving us hot chocolate, hikes, and mountain sports Interlaken is the city you are looking for to add to this the party life here is quite popular among travelers.
  1. Split – The beautiful city in Croatia situated at the edge of the sea has an adventure planned for you. With its historical architecture and ruins, the town has cheap boat-taxis to take you around and feel the crystal clear water from up close. It sure makes you do a split with excitement. 

Final Thoughts 

The adventures unfold, and new things to do that could add to our list. A personal route filled with people and memories that would be different for each one of us. Bon Voyage.