Estonia: A Hidden Gem of Europe


Bordering the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, Estonia is located in the northern fringes of Europe. It is a beautiful country dotted with innumerable islands, beaches, rich biodiversity, history, culture, castles, and more.

To inspire you for an Estonian holiday in the post-crisis world, here we have compiled a list of must-see places in Estonia!


It is the capital of Estonia and the cultural hub of the country. From cobblestone streets and medieval architecture in the old town to the bustle of the city center, it is a great place to know about the history of the land. 

So take your time to see the 14th century Town Hall and the grand 19th century Alexander Nevsky Cathedral while you are hopping around!

Lahemaa National Park

It is the largest park in Estonia and one of Europe’s most prominent national parks. Its stunning landscape and rich biodiversity have garnered preservation efforts, research, and promotion of North-Estonian landscapes, ecosystems, biodiversity, and national heritage.

Don’t forget to visit Viru Raba, or Viru Bog, while you are there!


It is the largest Estonian island that dates back to an 8000-year-old history. It has been ruled by the Germans, the Danish, the Swedes, and the Soviets over the years. 

You can explore medieval castles, exotic hiking routes, indulge in birdwatching, and other activities while on the island and have a great Estonian holiday!

Soomaa National Park

This place is a peat bog that was formed as a result of glacier melt from more than 10,000 years ago. Soomaa National Park is dotted with beautiful ravines, and the best way to explore this land is with a canoe. 

While you are out there paddling, you might spot a deer, or maybe an elk, and boars, beavers, as well as golden eagles!


Located in Northern Estonia, Rakvere is a city where human civilization has flourished for nearly 1,500 years. The biggest attraction of this city is the Rakvere Castle, which was constructed in the 16th century. 

The castle has now been turned into a medieval theme park of sorts, with costumed visitors and staff wandering the grounds. 

So, don’t be surprised if you see knights polishing their armor, or stumble into an alchemist’s workshop! In the castle’s Shenkenberg Tavern, you can even try out classic medieval dishes. 

Final Thoughts

Estonia is a beautiful country teeming with glimpses of the medieval ages, lush natural beauty, and stunning islands in the lap of the Baltic. There is a lot to explore in this often underrated European terrain dotted with culture, history, and remarkable natural wonders.