Beach Essentials and Must Have Gadgets

Going to the beach is the number one activity people do in their holiday. But we never really stop and think about what we take to the beach and how useful it is. In fact, I would dare say that you’re probably taking the same things to the beach that your parents did, with some exceptions: an MP3 player instead of a radio and a Kindle instead of a book.

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All other things didn’t change. That’s why we’ve researched and found beach essentials that are brand new and that once you start using them, you’ll never leave them at home. 

Explorer Series underwater camera

Imagine a snorkel mask with a built in camera. This little gadget is an amazing way to make sure you get perfect pictures while snorkeling or just swimming around at the beach or in a pool. It can take underwater and over the water pictures as easily as looking at what you want to shoot and pressing a button. Perfect to capture every moment of your trip to the beach, even those spent underwater; it’s also an excellent conversation starter.

Floating speakers

Nothing like enjoying your favorite tunes while you’re at the beach or by the pool. But now you don’t have to worry about getting your player wet or about ruining your ear buds. An Eco Extreme floating speaker case will hold your MP3 player in a watertight compartment and play your songs through good quality speakers. And it floats, so you can have it in the water next to you. Just remember that now anyone around will be able to listen to your music.

E-book protection

The Kindle KlearKase is the ultimate solution for people looking for protection for their Kindle. The case will protect the gadget from the sand, splashes of water and against scratches, and you won’t even know that it’s there. Seriously better than a book when it comes to the reading at the beach.

Safe valuables

Want to go for a swim but there’s nobody to watch your belongings? No more putting your wallet inside a shoe: you can put all of your valuables in a Vacation Vault. This small safe is protected by a lock with a three digit combination and you can strap it to anything heavy to make it impossible to be carried away.

Waterproof playing cards

A card game is a great way to spend time while at the beach, but paper cards can easily become damaged. The Invisible Playing Cards, however, are made out of PVC, making them water-proof and very hard to damage — and easy to clean as well. They also look really cool, so we’re sure that you’ll be using them all the time and not just at the beach.

Sunscreen Wipes

Tired of carrying around bottles of sunscreen and spreading it awkwardly on your skin? Now you can use SmartShield Towelettes, which are basically paper wipes with sunscreen lotion on them. They’re easy to put on your body and you can take them anywhere, even through airport security, since they’re not liquid.


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