Cruise Tips for Beginners


There are so many cruise options that it can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. But, a cruise is the best option to see new places without having to move your luggage from hotel to hotel plus it is a whole other experience on its own. Cruising is a great way to explore a particular area in style. Having your travel and housing for the trip together save a lot of headaches. Today, I will be sharing some cruising tips and tricks with you for before you set sail.

1. Choose the cruise wisely

Doing your research before you book a cruise is important. You’ve to think about what ports of call are you most interested in and what kind of onboard activities will you enjoy and things like that. There is always a lot to consider because cruises cater to different age groups and different interests. There are also themed cruises, if you don’t put in the research, you will be stuck in one that you don’t like one bit. At least read what they have to offer and go from there.

2. Pack efficiently

Consider your embarkation port and your port stops along the way. Where you are going, affects your clothing choices obviously. Carry layers so that you can have many different outfits with a few pieces of clothing. Efficient packing is related to carrying pieces that are multipurpose and will help you create different outfits. Have your essentials in your carry on, and you are good to go.

3. Don’t feel pressured to leave the ship

I have seen people trying to get every port ticked off on their itinerary. It isn’t necessary to disembark at every port. The trips can get expensive real quick, and not everyone is up for visiting every stop. You can instead stay on the ship and enjoy the onboard facilities with not many people around. It is a good way to relax on the ship people-free.

4. Try different dining halls

Eating in the same main dining hall or buffet every meal, though convenient can be very boring. There are usually several cafes and restaurants on board. Why not try all of them while you can. For convenience, you can eat in the main hall for the first night and then switch it up for the next meal. Some cruises have special offers for people who eat away from the main dining hall on their first night itself so make sure to ask upon arrival about the offers and restaurants.

5. Order in

Eating in bed on a cruise has a different charm to it. Order room service and feel regal in your bed. Many cruises have free room service and some charge a small service charge. It is still worth the experience. It is usually recommended to tip so gauge the situation and be sure to tip. After all, it is about experience.

Cruises are fun. I always suggest that people should experience it at least once in their lifetime. Also, be sure to know if you are seasick. Always carry medication to avoid you falling sick and not being able to make most of the experience.