Computer games, the latest form of travel writing

Indie game developer Jordan Magnuson has recently launched a website,, to help fund his trip around the world that he is planning to document through computer games. Here’s the idea described by its creator himself:

Hi, my name is Jordan Magnuson, and I have a plan: to travel the world, and make computer games about the things I see and experience; to use computer games as a form of travel writing, if you will. To put my plan into action, I need your help.

Magnuson thought of this never before used form of documenting a trip to help spread global understanding and broaden the scope of video games as a medium. He has already created a few experimental travel games showcasing his life in Korea which have gotten positive reviews from both the press and social media users. aims to raise 5000 US dollars of which 820 have already been raised at the time this article.

What do you think, would such a format of travel journaling work? Would you like to play or have your kids play travel inspired games?

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  1. Rafy says:

    I’m imagine something like an RPG with puzzles along the way.
    GG Jordan!

  2. […] Tweaks readers met Jordan Magnuson about a month and a half ago, when news of his plan to go on a trip around the world and document it by developing travel inspired game… was spread on the Internet. After publishing the news here, I exchanged a few emails with Jordan. […]

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