The Future Is Now – Amusement Parks Enter the Digital Age

ferris wheelVendors present at this week’s amusement industry expo in Orlando are presenting new devices that will make standing in line and paying with cash for attractions at an amusement park a thing of the past.

Guests are going more and more mobile, so you need to have a strategy in place to deliver content in a way your customers are demanding,” said T.J. Christensen, director of business development for Accesso Mobile from Lake Mary, Florida.

For example, a new smart-phone application developed by Acceso Mobile will allow theme park guests to use their GPS system to find rides, keep tabs on friends, update their social network statuses and buy tickets.

Another example is a virtual queuing system developed by Lo-Q. This system allows guests to digitally stand in line for popular rides using a mobile device.

Lo-Q’s new “Q-credit,”, specifically designed for water parks, will incorporate virtual queuing in a waterproof bracelet that also stores credit card information making the spending of money possible even if visitors’ wallets are out of reach.

These devices can support a variety of setups, services and prices, allowing premium customers to wait less.

Because we release people from standing in line, what do they have to do? They buy an extra Coke or an extra burger. It’s quite significant,” Sim said.

An Indianapolis company, Fish Face has updated the standard photo booth by adding e-mail capabilities. Now you get both a strip of pictures and an e-mail to your personal address.

A video recording system that tracks individuals and their experiences throughout a park with the purpose of providing a video recording of the experience has been presented by Tape My Day, a dutch company.

The newly introduced high-tech will forever change the way visitors experience amusement parks. Will any of them miss the excitement and growing impatience of the traditional experiences?

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