Air New Zealand and Richard Simmons Make In-Flight Safety Fun

Those of you who have been on a plane more than once are already familiar with the repetitive, boring safety instructions or animations air lines use to teach us how to stay safe during the flight. It’s the same thing, you know it, thus ignore it, or, the sight of life vests and oxygen masks makes you a bit anxious. Air New Zealand has brought fun to safety information video by featuring fitness icon Richard Simmons in their new Fit to Fly video.

It is funny, informative and definitely has the power to grab your attention. Plus, seeing flight attendants in their fitness outfit might take your mind off the plane fear or other such on board nuisances. Before we go on, let’s see the video!

Richard Simmons, although not really looking like an extremely fit personal trainer, is a well known figure and funny enough for you not to mind seeing him run around in his shorts for a couple of minutes. Famous in the eighties as General Hospital’s fitness expert, Simmons is back, with his wings wide spread and ready to take off! To get the fun factor in, Air New Zealand couldn’t have made a better choice!