7 Things to See In Reno Nevada


Reno, Nevada, often celebrated as “The Biggest Little City in the World,” presents a fascinating blend of urban excitement and natural splendor, positioning itself as an essential destination for travelers. This vibrant city, nestled at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, offers an eclectic mix of experiences, seamlessly merging the thrills of city life with the tranquility of the surrounding landscape.

The city is also a gateway to a range of outdoor adventures, thanks to its close proximity to areas like Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada. Here, nature enthusiasts can indulge in activities like skiing, hiking, and boating, making the most of the region’s breathtaking natural beauty. For those considering a move to this dynamic city or even a lengthy visit, enlisting the help of professional Reno movers can ensure a seamless transition.

With their expertise, newcomers can quickly settle in and start exploring the myriad of things to see in Reno, Nevada. From the historic streets of the Old Southwest neighborhood to the artsy and vibrant Midtown district, each area of Reno offers its own unique flavor and charm.

The Neon Lights of The Strip

The Strip in Reno is more than just a road; it’s a symbol of the city’s vibrant nightlife and entertainment. As you walk down this bustling street, you’re greeted by an array of neon signs that light up the night sky, creating a dazzling display. This area is the pulsating heart of Reno, offering a glimpse into the city’s lively spirit. Here, you can find a mix of entertainment options, from captivating live shows to bustling nightclubs.

The Strip is also home to an array of restaurants catering to all tastes, ranging from gourmet dining to casual eateries. Shopping enthusiasts will also find plenty of stores and boutiques, making it a perfect spot for an evening of exploration and enjoyment. The Strip truly embodies the variety of things to do in Reno, offering something for every visitor.

The Thrill of Casinos in Reno

Reno’s casinos are famous worldwide, offering an exciting blend of gaming, entertainment, and luxury. Each casino in Reno has its own unique character and theme, creating an immersive experience for visitors. From the opulent décor of the Grand Sierra Resort to the historical charm of the Eldorado, these casinos are more than just gaming hubs; they are cultural landmarks.

Inside, you’ll find a wide range of gaming options, including classic slot machines, table games, and high-stakes poker rooms. Beyond gaming, many of these casinos also feature top-notch restaurants, live shows, and luxury accommodations, making them comprehensive entertainment destinations. The thrill and excitement found in Reno’s casinos are a cornerstone of what to do in Reno, offering a glimpse into the city’s love for high-energy fun.

Natural Beauty: Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, a pristine gem just a short drive from Reno, is an oasis of natural beauty and outdoor adventure.


 This stunning lake, set against a backdrop of majestic mountains, offers breathtaking views and a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Visitors to Lake Tahoe can enjoy a multitude of activities throughout the year. In the summer, the lake becomes a hotspot for boating, fishing, and swimming, with crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches.

The surrounding trails offer excellent opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife spotting. When winter arrives, Lake Tahoe transforms into a winter wonderland, boasting some of the best skiing and snowboarding slopes in the country. With its natural beauty and abundance of activities, Lake Tahoe is a highlight among the things to see in Reno, Nevada, appealing to nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Cultural Insights at the Nevada Museum of Art

The Nevada Museum of Art in Reno is a haven for art enthusiasts and cultural explorers. This prestigious museum, an integral part of Reno attractions, showcases a diverse array of art spanning various eras and styles. The collections range from contemporary artworks to classic masterpieces, providing a broad spectrum of artistic expression.

The museum’s exhibitions are thoughtfully curated, offering insights into different cultures, historical periods, and artistic movements. Visitors can also participate in educational programs, workshops, and special events, making the museum a dynamic space for learning and engagement. The Nevada Museum of Art is not just a place to view art; it’s a place to experience and interact with it, making it a significant and enriching stop on the list of things to do in Reno.

Exploration at the Fleischmann Planetarium

Located in the heart of Reno, the Fleischmann Planetarium is a portal to the wonders of the universe. This state-of-the-art facility offers an immersive experience for visitors of all ages, with shows and exhibits that explore the vastness of space. The planetarium’s dome theater presents breathtaking astronomical shows, taking audiences on a journey through the stars and beyond.


In addition to the shows, the planetarium also features interactive exhibits that educate and entertain, covering topics from black holes to space exploration. The Fleischmann Planetarium is a unique and captivating addition to the list of things to see in Reno, Nevada, offering a blend of education and entertainment that is both awe-inspiring and accessible.

Historical Journey at the National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum in Reno is a celebration of automotive history and innovation. This museum houses an impressive collection of over 200 vintage and classic cars, each with its own unique story and significance. The exhibits take visitors on a chronological journey through the evolution of the automobile, showcasing everything from early horseless carriages to sleek modern supercars.

The museum’s interactive displays and historical artifacts provide a deeper understanding of the impact of automobiles on society and culture. For car enthusiasts and history buffs, the National Automobile Museum is a must-see among Reno attractions, offering an insightful and fascinating exploration of the world of automobiles.

Family Fun at the Reno Riverwalk District

The Reno Riverwalk District is the city’s hub for family-friendly fun and leisure. This picturesque area, located along the banks of the Truckee River, offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for visitors of all ages. The district features a variety of shops, galleries, and restaurants, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Families can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the river, take part in outdoor activities, or explore the local art scene. The Riverwalk also hosts regular events and festivals, adding to its vibrant and lively character. As a family-friendly destination, the Reno Riverwalk District epitomizes the diverse range of things to do in Reno, providing an enjoyable and memorable experience for the whole family.

Outdoor Adventure at Mt. Rose Ski Resort

Mt. Rose Ski Resort, located close to Reno, is an adventurer’s paradise, offering some of the region’s best outdoor activities. In the winter months, the resort is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding, featuring a variety of trails and slopes suitable for all skill levels. The resort’s high elevation ensures excellent snow conditions, providing a top-quality experience for winter sports enthusiasts.

During the summer, Mt. Rose transforms into a haven for hikers and mountain bikers, with trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. The resort’s commitment to outdoor recreation and its proximity to Reno make it a key destination for those seeking outdoor things to see in Reno, Nevada.


Reno, Nevada, is a city of contrasts and surprises, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for every type of traveler. From the neon-lit excitement of The Strip to the tranquil beauty of Lake Tahoe, Reno is a destination that continually delights and inspires. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of the casinos, the cultural richness of its museums, or the natural splendor of its surroundings, Reno’s attractions promise unforgettable experiences. So, come and explore the many wonderful things to see in Reno, Nevada, and discover the unique charm of this dynamic city.