10 Healthy Travel Snacks for Flying


There are many reasons to pack your own food for flights. Economic and health being the main two. Most options you are going to choose when outside and hungry are going to be unhealthy food. If you are on a diet, it is easier to let go of a diet when traveling, which is why packing your own food is a good idea. That way you won’t be tempted to go and browse the shops because no matter how much you promise that you will stick to your diet, you are going to buy something you shouldn’t.

Food can be expensive when eating out all the time, which is also why packing your own food is a must. You can bring the same thing for a more cheaper price.

Here is a list of 10 healthy snacks to pack –

  • Fruits – Fruits are the healthiest snacking option you have. Taking firm fruits like apple is a better idea so that you avoid creating a mess. Instead of cutting it, taking the apple whole so that it stays fresh longer.
  • Dry oatmeal cup – Oatmeals are the epitome of healthy food. Everyone starting diet incorporates this in their lifestyle. You can eat it while you are traveling as well. Just take dry oatmeal with you, and then you can add hot water post security or in-flight and have your healthy hot snack.
  • Trail Mix – Another healthy snacking option after oatmeal. Easy to carry, no extra prep needed.
  • Nuts – Nuts are easy to carry and snack on. You can have them in a small container or a ziplock bag. Any nut of your choice will do.
  • Dried Fruit – Taking every kind of fruit isn’t possible while traveling and for that dried fruit is the best option. No mess and you get to eat the fruit of your choice, granted it is available in dried form.
  • Crackers – Take the healthy kind and munch on them while watching in-flight movies.
  • Bars – Filling bars are usually healthy. Choose healthy versions like protein bars, granola bars, natural fruits bars, etc. Don’t go on packing all those chocolate bars.
  • Protein Powder – Like the protein bars, these are a very delicious filling option. They are healthy, come in various flavors, and you can sip on them longer making you feel less hungry. Add the powder in a shaker bottle and carry it with you. Like with oatmeal, you can add water or milk post security or in-flight and enjoy your healthy and tasty drink.
  • Sandwich or Wrap – This is one of the proper food options for you to pack, but make sure to pack sandwiches that are not too elaborate, you know with too many ingredients that spill everywhere and after a few hours can start to smell. Get something simple like PB&J sandwich.
  • Homemade salad – Salad is the definition of healthy food. Make your favorite salad and carry the dressing separately in a throwable container. This way you can add dressing to your salad before security and throw the container away (so that you don’t have to carry an extra thing) because the dressing is considered as liquid and if you don’t use it before you will be asked to toss it.

Happy, safe, and healthy traveling!