Your Essential Overseas Travel Checklist

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Whether you’re heading abroad for the first time or the thousandth time, it’s surprisingly easy to lose sight of what matters. So as a refresher for those who need it, here’s an essential overseas travel checklist to complete before setting foot out the door:

Flight Times

First up, are you 100% sure you know your flight times? If so, have you worked out what time you need to be at the airport, what time you need to set off and how you intend to get there? Have you made allowances for any delays that may occur along the way?

Airport Transfers

Most airports provide a variety of transportation options to reach nearby towns and cities. Nevertheless, it’s an important part of the journey that needs to be researched ahead of time. Don’t just assume you’ll be able to reach your final destination with ease – check out the airport transfer options online.


Remembering to pack your passport is one thing, but is it valid? Depending on where you’re heading, it may be necessary to have at least six months left on your passport before it expires. If not, you may be denied access to your destination country upon arrival.

Documents and Copies

It’s also worth making copies of your passport and any other important documents you intend to take with you. Credit cards, flight coupons, accommodation confirmations, driving licences and so on – you’ll be glad you’ve got them if any (or all) of the originals go missing.

Entry Permission

Speaking of which, it may be necessary to obtain a visa or formal entry permit to access the country you’re travelling to. A prime example being a Russian Visa, which must be applied for and obtained ahead of time, rather than simply arranged upon entry. Don’t take chances and avoid the risk of being refused entry the moment you arrive.


Most major towns and cities have readily available ATMs, along with banks and dedicated currency exchange facilities. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to plan for every eventuality and ensure you have at least some foreign currency with you. Just in case you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, or in desperate need of cash when there isn’t an ATM for miles around.

Travel Insurance

Make no mistake about it – all travel insurance is not created equally. Travel insurance is of little to no use if it doesn’t cover your destination, your health requirements, the value of your property and so on. Cutting corners on travel insurance to save costs is never a good idea. You’re statistically unlikely to need it, but when the time comes, you’ll be glad you had decent coverage.


In terms of accommodation, it’s a case of familiarising yourself with the location of your hotel/apartment, figuring out how to get there and ensuring it is fit for purpose. These days, gauging the quality of any given establishment really couldn’t be easier – tens of millions of online reviews contain all the information you’ll ever need.

Local Research

Whether travelling for leisure or business purposes, it’s always useful to carry out at least a little local research. Research the best restaurants, the most convenient public transport links, the nicest spots for a stroll and any areas best-avoided when the sun goes down.


Last but not least, don’t make the mistake of ruining your entire trip with simple luggage issues. If any of your bags are too large or too heavy, you’ll face the prospect of enormous levies at the airport, or you’ll simply be denied boarding. It’s a joyless process, but take the time to accurately measure and weigh your cases before setting off.