Why Should You Totally Take Your Better Half to A Camping Trip in Manhattan?

Come to think of it,Manhattan is pretty much the last place one would like to go camping. However, that certainly does not mean that the place is totally devoid of places where you can get away for a quiet romantic getaway with your better half, where she will appreciate your rugged ability to take care of her in the ‘wild’.

This holds particularly true for people who have moved to the ‘Big Apple’ from elsewhere and have a yearning to understand what the move really means for them.

The UPR or ‘Urban Park Rangers’ program (Central Park)

As far as planning a camping trip is concerned, well there is always the “Urban Park Rangers” program.It offers a phenomenally great camping experience in nearly all the larger city parks which dot NY. This program is typically run during the summer and the overall camping experience is excellent, not least due to the fact that it is totally free.

Due to the massive demand, various slots are awarded only via a lottery. If you and your better half really want a slot, you have to put in a request at least a few weeks early. And if you are really lucky, you might be able to get and win the coveted slots.

If you really hit the jackpot, then it might be a weekend, so that you can really enjoy that romantic interlude to bond together with each other, while being in the soothing arms of mama nature.

The most popular spot for camping is Central Park’s Great Hill area. The Parks Department will provide you with both a tent and a dinner, so that you do not need to do much beyond packing your sleeping bag and flashlight, and whatever else that you think you might need for that awesome couple of nights in Central Park.  However, the park rangers eschew campfires (especially in light of the recent heat wave and its associated firestorms) and this is why they will give you army rations rather than allowing you to cook a meal on an open fire.

While these rations may not be the most palpable fare you can have, but they do have the advantage of being really nutritious as well as the added glamour of being the same stuff that our troops eat while they are in combat. However, central park is not the only place where we can find a perfect romantic spot where you can bond both with nature and your spouse.  Let us check out some more equally scenic alternatives:

The Green Lakes stateside park

This is a really very pretty spot that is just perfect for that perfect trip to unburden your soul and put a little pizzazz in your relationship.  The Green Lakes state park has been so named due to its twin glacial lakes.Once you have putup your canvas tent,you can then walk over hand in hand,right up to the lake shore itself,for a bit of fishing and swimming in sweet waters, as clear as crystal. Or you can even sit by the lake sight and watch the sun go down while you indulge in a bit of amiable chit-chat.

In fact,one of the best things about the ‘Green Lakes” Stateside park is that it is quite conveniently located, in fact barely half an hour away from Syracuse. It is quite definitely one of the prettiest of places where you would like to spend that awesome weekend in the woods, so that the two of you can get away from your myriad urban responsibilities and create a perfect temporary haven and a bubble that holds only the two of you together, while keeping the noisy world at bay.

The mysterious and alluring ‘Mystic Koa’ campground

Unlike the other summer camps, the ‘Mystic Koa’ camping ground is somewhat more popular as a winter wonderland. It is located within easy reach of Manhattan and it will not take you more than a few hours to get there. It is an amazing option for any couple that wants to get away from the stuffy city to enjoy the winter, the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

However, that certainly does not mean that the facilities at this camping ground can only be enjoyed only in the middle of winter alone. On the contrary, they can also be equally well enjoyed in the sizzling heat of summer as well, especially when the heat in the city makes it all but unbearable and you and your spouse want a really nice weekend getaway into the wilds.

One of the best things about this place is that they also a few highly modern spaces for setting up your own tent, and various amenities such as showers, running water and washrooms are available quite close by. The quixotic and rustic setting, suitably intertwined with some highly modern facilities makes it an amazing camping ground, your home away from home if you will.

Mystic KOA is not only a highly convenient and very comfortable option for any weekend trip for the hardy camping enthusiasts in Manhattan.At the same time, it is also a great place to heal the wounds, that living in a tightly backed urban locale inflicts on any relationship.


It does not matter if it is summer only or winter or even spring and fall. If you are really looking for a getaway anywhere near Manhattan where you can pitch a tent and enjoy communing with nature with your spouse, then you can rest assured that there are very many parks and camping sites that are also scattered within an easy driving distance from the city of New York and specifically Manhattan.

The adventurous couple, as well as the hardy traveler, can easily spend a weekend camping trip to charge not just their batteries but also their jaded love life before hitting the next work laded week. So what are you waiting for? Stock up on travel motivation and plan your next vacation.

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