Where is the excavation site XII? |

Despite the efforts of archaeologists, many important sites remain undiscovered. Excavations can take decades to complete and progress is often frustratingly slow as they’re always uncovering new eras or artifacts that shed light on these historical periods.

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Where is the excavation site XII? |

On Earth, go to the Firebase Hades section of the EDZ to discover Excavation Site XII. The Excavation Site XII Lost Sector is located there.

Similarly, where in the EDZ is excavation site XII?

All you need to know is that the location is somewhere in theEDZ. Aside than that, you’re on your own in finding the lostsectors for Spider’s bounty. This lostsector may be discovered in the region of Firebase Hades. To reach there, land in The Gulch and then follow the tunnel west.

What is the best way to go to Excavation Site 2? Load up at the Giant’s Scar, proceed beneath the tunnel, then up the road on the other side to the enormous door in the cliffface to reach Excavation Site II on Io. After that, run down the slope and through the first set of chambers.

Also, where is the EDZ pit located?

In the EDZ, there’s a pit. The term “ThePit” refers to the Pit Lost Sector in the Earth’s EDZ’s Firebase Hades zone. The mouse pointer on the map above has highlighted it.

Where is the Pathfinder’s crash in the EDZ?

Zerz, The Unstoppable Weight may be discovered in the EDZ, next to Firebase Hades, in the Pathfinder’s Crash lost area.

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Where has KURG The All-Seeing Force vanished to?

Kurg, The All-Seeing Force: Where to Find HimLocation. On Earth (EDZ), in the Firebase Hades district, within the “Pit”Lost Sector, Kurg, The All-Seeing Force may be located (via entrance in west of Firebase Hadesarea).

In the EDZ, where is the dust-choked Thrag?

Dust-Choked Thrag may be found on Earth (EDZ), in the Firebase Hades district, inside the Lost Sector “ExcavationSite XII” (via entrance in themountainside).

What happened to Phyzann’s drowning captain?

Drowned Captain PhyzannLocation

Phyzann may be located in the Flooded Chasm, a lost sector in the EDZ, according to the reward literature. You should land near the Winding Cove and travel north to get there. Look below the bridge for a cave entrance.

On Nessus, where is the conflux?

The Conflux may be located near the mouth of the milky Vex stream, just north of TheCistern.

What happened to ZERZ, the irresistible force?

Zerz, The Invincible WeightLocation. Zerz, The Unstoppable Weight may be discovered in the “Pathfinder’sCrash” Lost Sector on Earth(EDZ), Firebase Hades district (via entrance in south-east of FirebaseHades area).

What is the location of the conflux Lost sector?

The Lost Sector of Nessus The Cistern Region’s Conflux, where the Lost Sector is located The Conflux is found in the Cistern Region of Nessus. Primus Cal’Aug, the boss, awaits you here.

What is the best way to get ghost fragments?

Ghost fragments are a regular occurrence. Completing Public Events is the quickest method to collect them, since you usually receive a single Ghost Fragment for each one you finish. They’re also handed out as prizes for random patrols and other chores. They may also be discovered in a variety of chests strewn across The Tangled Shore.

In Destiny 2, what planet is Spider on?

Week 4 of the Forsaken Wanted Bounties in Destiny 2: Forsaken – Kurg, The All-Seeing Force Kurg, The All-Seeing Force is a Cabalminiboss that can be found on Earth’s patrol zone in the The Pit Lost Sector of EDZ, notably in the north west corner of the Firebase Hades region.