What does idle reverie mean? |

In idle reverie, the mind is allowed to wander without being interrupted. It provides a space where you can let your thoughts take flight and explore new terrain while still being productive.

The “reverie meaning” is a state of mind that is described as calm and peaceful. The word has been used in many different contexts, but the most common usage is when one’s thoughts are taken away from their current situation and they find themselves enjoying what they’re doing.

What does idle reverie mean? |

noun Dreamy meditation; fanciful pondering; a condition of mental abstraction in which more or less aimless imagination predominates over the thinking function. noun A visionary strategy, goal, objective, ideal, or the like; a dream is the result or outcome of reverie or idle fantasy.

How do you use reverie in a sentence in this way?

Examples of Sentences

  1. Her reverie was brief, and she seemed to be embarrassed by it.
  2. Prince Andrew seated the kid on his knee, curly-headed like his mother and shining with health, and started telling him the tale of Bluebeard, but went into a daydream before concluding the narrative.

The issue therefore becomes: what does reverie signify in literature? The term comes from the Middle French word rêverie, which means “wild speech, madness,” and is derived from rever, which means “to ramble, talk madly.” Rever is also the basis of the English word rave, as in raving insane. Reverie definitions.

What does the term reverie signify, for example?

Reverie is a French term derived from resver, which means “to dream” or “to roam.” It is pronounced “REH-veh-ree” or “REHV-ree” depending on who you ask. When people now say reverie, they usually imply “daydream” or “a magnificent, unrealistic concept,” although this was not always the case.

What is another word for reverie?

reverie. Synonyms: trance, vision, phantasy, ideality, woolgathering, wandering, and pondering. Study, attention, diligence, and application are all antonyms.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the opposite of reverie?

reverie. Study, attention, diligence, and application are all antonyms. Synonyms: trance, vision, phantasy, ideality, woolgathering, wandering, and pondering.

Is he lost in thought?

lost in reverie is a condition of dreamy concentration or fancy pondering. reveries that will never come to fruition: a magnificent, visionary, or unrealistic concept.

What does reverie have on her mind?

A reverie is a dreamlike condition in which you imagine or think about pleasurable things.

What does it mean to be in a state of quiet reverie?

Their “silent reverie” is their thoughts — silent ideas that they can’t articulate and that are so horrible that they are “wreckage” – a severe condition for anything to be in, signaling that it is beyond repair.

What is the best way to utilize the word robust in a sentence?

robust Examples of Sentences

  1. Julie did not extend a handshake; instead, she hugged each of us tightly.
  2. The camel is a more sturdy and compact breed than the towering beasts utilized in India, and it is also well cared after.
  3. After our naked and strong welcome, no words were spoken for a long time.

What does it mean to be dishevelled?

Dishevelment is defined as a state of being disorganized. To put into disorder or disarray is a transitive verb.

What is the best way to utilize strife in a sentence?

strife Examples of Sentences

  1. Arabia, however, was not to be the epicenter of conflict.
  2. Grote believes that ostracism was a valuable tool since it eliminated the threat of dictatorship and was preferable to the previous century’s continual civil war.
  3. Louvain’s status and economy declined as a result of the civil war.

In a sentence, how do you utilize exhortation?

In a sentence, examples of exhort

He urged his countrymen to reclaim their homeland. She urged the audience to endorse the proposal. These sample sentences for the word ‘exhort’ were automatically chosen from multiple internet news sources to reflect current usage of the word.

Is there a name for Reverie?

Reverie is a girl’s name with an English origin. Reverie is a strong-sounding word for an ethereal, dreamy condition, which is the ideal contrast and meaning for a name that will be used as a first name.

What does the word alure imply?

historical noun A gallery, balcony, or other (typically covered) walkway; particularly (a) one behind the parapets of a castle, tower, or other structure; a parapet walk; and (b) a covered hallway, a cloister. Aisle is a term that is used on occasion (obsolete).

What does it mean to rapturously mean?

ecstatic pleasure or delight is a state of being, experiencing, or expressing intense joy or delight. Rapturous praise is marked by, accompanied with, or evocative of such ecstasy.

What does it mean to be insipid?

adjective. lacking something special, fascinating, or exciting; vapid: a person with a dull personality. Lacking enough flavor to be enjoyable as food or drink; bland: a soup that is pretty insipid.

What is another word for contemplation?

contemplation, reflection, reflexion, rumination, mulling, thoughtfulness(noun) a quiet, long, deliberate thinking. Synonyms: expressiveness, reflexion, reflectivity, manifestation, considerateness, thoughtfulness, rumination, consideration, observation, musing, reflection, rumination, consideration, observation, musing, reflection.

What is another word for catechism?

examination interrogation interrogatory are synonyms. Declarative commercial edition text edition. Antonyms. Etymology.