What area code is 8 7? |

8 7 is a local telephone area code for the United States and its territories. It was one of the original North American Numbering Plan codes (NANP) reserved exclusively for use by AT&T Corporation.

The “us area code list” is a website that lists the area codes for all of the United States.

What area code is 8 7? |

Telephone Area Code 877 (NANP), which denotes a toll-free number in North America, might be referred to. Republic of Adygea, 877 Telephone Area Code (RUSsia).

Similarly, where does a +7 phone number come from?

RUSsia’s telephone digits. RUSsia and Kazakhstan have a unified numbering strategy, with both countries USing the international dialing code +7. In the past, +7 was the national calling code for the whole Soviet Union.

Also, what is the Telephone Area Code for 7 to 4? Southeastern and central Ohio are served by the North American telephone Telephone Area Codes 740 and 220.

Also, what is the Telephone Area Code for 8?


801 Utah Texas
803 South Carolina is a state in the United States. is a State in the United States. is a State in the United States. Florida
804 Virginia South Carolina is a state in the United States. is a State in the United States. is a State in the United States.
805 California New York is a city in the United States. is a city in the United States.

What is the telephone Telephone Area Code?

The telephone Telephone Area Codes 301 and 240 for the western section of Maryland are North American Telephone Area Codes. External hyperlinks

240/301, 410/443/667 are the Maryland Telephone Area Codes.
  223/717, 412/724/878, 814; north: 223/717, 412/724/878, 814; south: 223/717,  
202, 304/681, 540, 571/703 (West) 240/301 are the Telephone Area Codes. 410/443/667 (Eastern)
  South: 304/681; 804/681; 804/681; 804/681; 80  
202 is the Telephone Area Code for the District of Columbia.

Answers to Related Questions

What does your phone number’s Code of the Country mean?

You may call the United States USing the Code of the Country 1 if you are calling from another nation. After the IDD, dial the United States telephone code 1. International dialing in the United States begins with 1 and is followed by an Telephone Area Code.


Alphanumeric codes were applied to the beginning of numbers in the late 1920s to aid in the identification of geographic places. In 1931, telephone engineers created a seven-digit standard to increase the amount of potential number combinations. Individual line numbers were also prefixed with alphanumeric codes.

Is it possible to find out who owns a phone number?

USing a reverse phone number service to find out who a phone number belongs to is the simplest approach to find out who a phone number belongs to for numbers that are listed in the phonebook. A free reverse phone number service is available on the website 411.com. Free reverse phone number searches are also available at Whitepages.com and AnyWho.com (links in Resources).

What is the origin of a +1 phone number?

1 – The international calling code 1 is shared by the United States, Canada, and numeroUS Caribbean countries, with each US State (or sections of States), province, territory, or island Country having its own three-digit “Telephone Area Code.”

Which nation has a mobile phone number with 11 digits?

Country Code of the Country Local phone number examples
Cayman Islands are a group of islands off the coast of the +1-345 7digitnumber 1 345
Chad +235 250 four-digit numbers
Chile +56 09 9 7digitnumber (number in Santiago) 0 2 7digitnumber (number in Santiago) (mobile number)
China +86 Mobile # – 11 digits 1 10digitnumber Landline # – 8 or 9 digits beginning with 0 010

When did four-digit phone numbers become popular?

The 1905 City Directory is the first to provide phone numbers with up to four digits.

Why do mobile phone numbers begin with the number 07?

The switch to 07 numbers is complete.

Mobile phone numbers were not changed immediately, but millions of spare numbers beginning with the digits 02 to 09 were produced for future USage. Beginning in 1997, all new USers received the first batches of modern-style 11-digit mobile phone numbers beginning with the number 7.

What city has the Telephone Area Code 8 to 8?

Telephone Area Code 828 is found in the US State of North Carolina. Primarily servicing the city of Asheville (population: 123505), Telephone Area Code 828 covers 22 counties of North Carolina. Located in the Eastern time zone, Telephone Area Code 828 is on the same time as New York is a city in the United States. is a city in the United States., NY.

What is the 480 code?


What is the 223 Telephone Area Code?

Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York are all covered by Telephone Area Code 223 in southcentral Pennsylvania. It’s an overlay for Telephone Area Code 717 that covers the same territory.

What State does the 800 Telephone Area Code belong to?

Table of Telephone Area Codes

Telephone Area Code Country State
800 US/Canada Toll-Free Number
801 US Utah
802 US Vermont
803 US South Carolina is a state in the United States. is a State in the United States. is a State in the United States.

In the United States, what is a postal code?

The United States Postal Service uses ZIP codes to identify postal addresses (USPS). The basic format was introduced in 1963 and consists of five digits. In 1983, a new extended ZIP+4 code was established, which comprises the ZIP Code’s five digits, a hyphen, and four numbers that denote a more particular location.

What State is Telephone Area Code eight five five?

New York is a city in the United States. is a city in the United States.

Is the US Code of the Country 001?

For example, 001 is the Code of the Country of USA, 007 is the Code of the Country of RUSsia, 031 is the Code of the Country for the Netherlands, 0091 is the Code of the Country for India, etc.

Is 857 a Toll-Free Number number?

Telephone Area Codes 617 and 857 are the North American Telephone Area Codes serving Boston and several surrounding communities in MassachUSetts—such as Brookline, Cambridge, Newton and Quincy (LATA code 128). On May 2, 2001, 857 was overlaid onto 617. Since then, 10-digit local dialing has been mandatory.

Where is the 711 Telephone Area Code?

Telephone The following cities are dialed using the area code “711”:

Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Palembang is located in Sumatra, Indonesia. Shiraz is the capital of Iran.

Which Code of the Country is +60?