Waldorf Astoria Signs Up With GHX Distribution Channel

GHX logoThis month’s premiere of the new Global Hotel Exchange (GHX) distribution platform promises to make hotel search faster and more convenient than ever before for travelers across the world, thanks to its unique set of groundbreaking, customer-first features.

GHX have already signed up a number of the world’s most iconic hotels, including one of the most famous landmarks in New York — none other than The Waldorf Astoria, renowned for its luxury amenities, its timeless elegance and a level of service that is unparalleled.

The Waldorf Astoria, has been internationally recognized as a beacon of grace and elegance for over 100 years, and has been established as an official New York landmark for 15 years, since 1993. A spectacular Art Deco masterpiece, The Waldorf Astoria occupies an entire city block of central Manhattan to itself, and has become a key part of the city’s commercial, social, cultural and political life.

Few hotels define the word “grand” as well as The Waldorf Astoria — the hotel combines sleek elegance with unparalleled high-tech functionality, featuring over 60,000 sq. ft. of living space, state-of-the-art conferencing facilities and a number of the city’s most exclusive boutiques.

Thomas Magnuson, CEO and founder of GHX, announced his delight that The Waldorf Astoria had put its trust in his revolutionary new distribution channel:

“We are honored to include The Waldorf=Astoria on our launch portfolio. We sincerely appreciate the Waldorf’s validation of Global Hotel Exchange as an open market provider of simple and transparent market based pricing for consumers.”

GHX delivers a new take on the concept of OTAs (online travel agencies), putting hotel/customer relationships first and profits second. Unlike other OTAs, GHX doesn’t charge distribution fees, commissions or merchant discounts to its affiliates, nor does it collect any funds from the client’s booking fees. Payments, including all room rates, taxes and any other charges, as well as reservation data and booking details, are forwarded directly to the hotels, cutting out the middleman and reaffirming the relationship between hotels and guests.

As for travelers, they gain the benefit of hassle-free hotel reservations, as inflexible cancellation policies, pre-travel credit card booking and pre-paid room fees are a thing of the past. Travelers simply pay their fees upon arrival at the hotel.

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