Unforgettable Routes for Car Enthusiasts


There’s no mystery as to why motorists get motivated by living on the edge. It represents more than just the destination. It signifies the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair, the sound of the growl of the engine, and the ribbon of asphalt stretching out before you.

This journey is not just about the miles covered but rather about the memories that will last forever. Suit up, and we are ready to discover some of the most spectacular routes that will make you wish you could go on your next journey sooner.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

PCH, California’s most iconic seaside road, runs for over 650 miles along the coastline, presenting breathtaking ocean views and curvy roads that every driver would like to try. How about signaling water in turquoise color on one side and dramatic cliffs or charm towns on the other?

It’s not only about the picturesque scene but also about the experience that comes with it. Go slow from turns to take it all in at Big Sur, with its redwoods, and head straight to celebrity-favored Malibu. PCH represents the Pacific Coast magic experienced on a four-wheeled vehicle.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Among other famous coastal routes, Australia possesses its legendary coastal route – the Great Ocean Road. This beautiful 240-kilometer drive showcases the best of coastal Victoria, giving you dramatic coastlines, lovely beaches, rainforests, and enchanting coastal towns.

The Great Ocean Road doesn’t just provide breathtaking scenery; it allows you to see the varied landscapes and popular attractions. Be in awe of the view of the Twelve Apostles, a majestic line of limestone stacks, and a tribe of loyal sentinels guarding the coast.

Whether cruising in a classic or a kit car (find one for sale here: (kit cars for sale), however, is unique in providing an unimaginable adventure.

If you are up to the challenge, the roads along the way will reward you with stunning views of the Ortler Alps, a priceless memory forever.

Route 66, USA

To feed on sentimentality and to dive into the history of the American car culture, it’s impossible to imagine anything other than Route 66. This cultured highway, extending from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, isn’t simply a street – it is a voyage of time.

Barrel down the old, iconic Route 66, and you will be greeted by America’s history at every turn. Check out the Cadillac Ranch for a quirky snap in Amarillo, Texas, or taste a burger from an old diner that will bring you the tastiest burgers.

Search for neon signs, crazy old gas stations, and funny roadside attractions – each unique in its own way. Route 66 is not merely a journey but an opportunity to relive the apparent simplicity of the past and feel the spiritual greatness that the American road embodies.

Trollstigen, Norway

For those looking for an amazing memory, hold the steering wheel firmly and go to Trollstigen, Norway. This lane is also known as ” The Troll’s Ladder” since this zig-zag road runs through the impressive mountains of Romsdal.

Think of negotiating those thirteen hairpin turns with steeper gradients than ever. But temperatures are not the only thing Trollstigen has to offer. Take special notice of towering waterfalls that appear from the mountains as if they came out of nowhere, playfully refreshing you while climbing.


Arriving at the summit, you will be provided with stunning views of a fjord, a spectacular view that will erase any words from your memories. Trollstigen is more than a road; it is an exciting experience, a feel of fjords’ almighty power in its natural state.

Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

Transfagarasan – a real treat for the eyes. The winding road takes you across the height of the highest mountains, the depth of the green valleys, and the dramatic cliffs you will be tempted to capture with your camera at every turn.

This includes Vidraru Dam, an on-site concrete giant framed by a mountain slope. The climb will get harder. You will be rewarded if you keep moving ahead.

The Transfagarasan Highway is not simply a picturesque drive; it exemplifies human genius and not just the trip that ends at Romania’s stunning splendidness.

North Coast 500, Scotland

Scotland’s North Coast 500 wouldn’t suit a weak-hearted person. This highly-rated trail is the shortest of the five US National Scenic Trails and follows a rugged coastline to picturesque cliffs, quaint villages, and many beautiful beaches.

However, the scenery is not predominantly white colored. The route crosses various other geographical zones besides mountains, lakes, and valleys created by ancient glaciers.

Blow the results of historic Dunrobin Castle away or take a leisurely detour to the Isle of Skye. The North Coast 500 isn’t only a motion; it’s a one-time in-life experience.

Garden Route, South Africa

At the tip of South Africa, the Garden Route provides a little bit of heaven on wheels. Every nature lover’s dream, this scenic 300km stretch of the Southern Cape coast is home to various animal and plant species.

Visualize pendant plant covers mixed with indigenous forests that slowly descend the hilly terrain to join tranquil coastlines with an unearthly splendor of blue.


Be it the winding coastal roads that give you goosebumps, sharp mountain passes that take your breath away, or the trips down memory lane that hark back to the glory days, this list offers a road well-travel for any car’s engine and thrill and adventure seekers.


So, faster buckle your seat belt, plot your direction, and brace for the potential of encountering a fairytale adventure in your journey ahead. Through the windshield, the world’s beauty opens up most eloquently, and I have no better option than my seat behind the wheel.