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I am hundred percent sure that at one point of time, you have played ‘How deep is your love?’ by Calvin Harris on repeat. It was my favorite too. But, have you wondered about all the top water adventure sports that you can engage in? swimming is just a sport that most of us learnt as kids and those who do not know it yet, can easily learn within a week. But, there is more that the deep waters hold and have to offer. The innumerable fishes and aquatic creatures out there have no end. Though humans and the use of plastic have now been killing them, there are still several top water adventure sports that you can try out as soon as possible.

  • Scuba diving: This is the easiest and most popular one which comes to mind. The best part about scuba diving is that you do not need to know swimming if you wish to go underwater. There are always trained professionals you accompany you. In fact, the price and duration of your session can also differ as per your needs and requirements. Trust me, you will feel at peace when you are down there and away from the hustle and bustle of human life. According to those who have done it, your body feels light and you feel relieved of all stress.
  • River rafting: This is another common recreational and water adventure sports that the masses engage in when they are out on holidays at several such lucrative locations. An inflatable raft is used on which people sit and then they need to ensure that they reach the shore safe. Please note that this cannot be done in cases when the water current in the river is too high and dangerous. It is mandatory to wear life jackets while doing river rafting because even if you know swimming, no one can ever predict tides and currents totally.
  • Teabag dip: Before you put your think caps on as to what is this, this is a form of bungee jumping. This is included in this list of top water adventure sports because after jumping off, you get a chance to fall straight into the water and then come right up. Thus, just like a teabag is dipped and then retreated, the same is what you experience and that is why it has this fancy name.
  • Surfing: You may have often watched people go for surfing in Hollywood movies and also the Japanese cartoon shows that we saw as kids on our television sets. In this, you wait for the correct tide to come and once you spot it, you ride on it with the help of a surfing board and move towards the shore. Though you need to be well-trained in order to do this, learning surfing will be a great opportunity for you to get involved in something different than the mainstream crowd.

Now that you have a list of some of top water adventure sports, you must get packing!

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