Tips for Traveling With Toddlers

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Traveling with babies, toddlers, children – no matter what their age – can be challenging. The commute part is the hardest because they are fidgety and easily irritable. Sitting in the same place for hours can be difficult for them. The key to traveling with toddlers is to make sure that they are comfortable and busy. Here are some tips to make your traveling life easier.

1. Pack Extra Outfits

While I am a fan of packing light, toddlers don’t follow the same rules. I try to make one outfit work as ten, but for toddlers even ten different outfits in a day isn’t enough. That’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point. Toddlers will find a way to mess up their outfits, so carrying an extra pair or two or even five won’t hurt.

2. Snacks are Your Best Friend

Keeping toddlers busy can be a difficult task. Entertaining them is always a priority when traveling, otherwise they can get cranky and in turn will ruin your time as well. No matter what the mode of transportation is, it can get uncomfortable for them so always pack a lot of snacks. Snacks are a perfect way to keep them happy, fed, and busy.

3. Prefer Night Travel

Night time travels work the best because then they can sleep the journey away. If you are booking a flight, try to get an overnight flight so that the toddler can sleep the whole way. Keep a light-weight blanket within reach so that you can block the light for them to sleep comfortably. Same for train or road trips. If you manage to plan an overnight traveling schedule, then play with them during the day so that they are tired enough to fall asleep quickly at night.

4. Don’t Forget the First Aid

You can deal with fever and a headache without medicine, but it is not a good idea for toddlers. So, don’t forget to carry cough syrup, medicine for fever, diarrhea, and also bandaids. These are the basic necessities for toddlers. Other than that, visit your doctor and ask what you should be carrying for a comfortable journey for the toddler. Be prepared for anything that can happen.

5. Diapers and Pacifiers

You can never have enough diapers. Pack in abundance. Don’t forget the pacifier – for both, your toddler’s and your sake. Remember to carry the milk bottle and the formula if your child is very young. Anything that they need should be made a priority. They are not that good at compromising as we are, so be sure to pack everything that will make things run smoothly for them.

6. Entertainment

If your kid isn’t sleeping, then keeping them busy becomes important. Snacks are a way to keep them busy but so are movies and cartoons. Download their favorite cartoons and let them watch during the commute. You can also carry games for them to play alone or with you. Activity books and coloring books are also a great way to keep them busy.

Final Thoughts

Preparedness is the key. Pack everything your toddler needs and some more. Get your kid tired before traveling so that they sleep during the travels and keep them busy when awake. You should be fine!