The Best of France


France is a land of beauty, culture, and art all combined into a beautiful “le délice.” From historical centers to romantic squares, the French way of life will draw you right from the beginning.

Choosing the best of any country is a difficult thing to do because every place has something new and amazing to offer. However, we bring to you some of the top choices that you could add to your bucket list for your French holiday.

French Riviera

The French Riviera (or Côte d’Azur) lies on the Mediterranean coast of southeastern France. The Southern Alps and the Mediterranean, together make this region spectacular. From sea excursions at the Lérins Islands to The Mercantour National Park, ski resorts to canoeing, French Riviera offers it all.

This is also the place for you if you want to go to the popular destinations of Saint-Tropez and Cannes as well as the independent microstate of Monaco!


Dordogne lies in the southwestern part of France, between the Loire Valley and Pyrenees mountains. With prehistoric cave paintings in the Lascaux Cave of Vézère Valley to the town of Périgueux, Dordogne is rich in history and architectural wonders. While you are here, don’t forget to visit the Cathedrale St-Front and the Vesunna Museum, built around Roman ruins. 

Another must-visit place of this region is the medieval town of Sarlat-la-Canéda centers on the Rue de la Republique as well as the Cathédrale St-Sacerdos. The hilly country with its old villages, castles, small country towns will surely make your days in Dordogne very enjoyable.


Located in the central Provence in Southern France, Luberon is a massif with three mountain ranges: the Lesser Luberon, the Greater Luberon, and the Eastern Luberon.

Luberon is dotted with picturesque, hill-top villages, many of which date back to 1000 years or more. So explore the famous Gordes, Roussillon, Bonnieux, Lacoste, Menerbes, and other historical spots and enjoy a memorable time in these French lands!


Well, the city of lights needs no introduction. From spectacular artworks at Louvre to the iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris is the ultimate French experience. Just walking along the streets and exploring the city is a delight in itself.  

Be it a stroll along the Champ Elysees to watch the Arc Du Triomphe, or to witness one of the best specimens of French gothic architecture in Notre Dame, or maybe an evening at Montmartre & Sacre Coeur, Paris will remain in your heart forever!

Normandy Region

Normandy is located in the region of northern France. The coastline is lined with white-chalk cliffs and beachheads from the WWII era, which includes the famous Omaha Beach. 

You can also visit the island of Mont-Saint-Michel with its soaring Gothic abbey and the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen that dominates the city of Rouen. Rouen is also the place where Joan of Arc was executed in 1431. From charming seaside towns to historically rich sites, gourmet delights to amazing cheese, Normandy is worth visiting, when in France!

Concluding Words

France has a lot to offer, and every corner of the country is worth visiting. There are many other cities, towns, and off-beat shores apart from the ones I mentioned, that you could explore and make your holiday in France an experience of a lifetime!