The 7 best Game of Thrones Locations to Visit


VALAR MORGHULIS READERS! Leaving the jaw dropping plot twists, intriguing characters and elaborate display medieval drama aside Game of Thrones has breath-taking locations that give you an authentic essence of the story, the place and the people. Here we break down a few of these places for you to visit before winter finally arrives

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia: Kings landing aka Dubrovnik a city in southern part of Croatia with unique architecture, charming aura and rich heritage, will instantly win over your heart. This UNESCO world heritage site will make you feel royal and much like a lavish Lannister (minus the deceit, killing and walk of shame). And while you’re there, best try and stay out of Cersei’s way, now that’s a woman whose bad side you do not want to end up on.

2. Vatnajokull national park, Iceland: The north of the wall, the first to witness the coming winter and the home of our much loved Jon snow, Europe’s biggest glacier is known for its spectacular beauty of stunning canyons and lagoons, magnificent snow & hues and the extraordinary glacial rivers. A Tip: Watch out for the night king, heard he’s a little cold. (Get it?)

3. Tollymore forest park, Northern Ireland: The girl with no name called this place, located in Bryansford near Newcastle in Northern Ireland, her home for as long as she can remember. It gives you rare sights of absolute gothic style buildings and breath taking arches. With mountainous views and seascapes, pulling an Arya stark and pretending to wander around with needle would be a perfect vacation. Now won’t it?

4. Mourne mountains, Ireland: A range of Granite Mountains, astounding natural beauty and the very fact that our very own Daenerys Targaryen has walked these paths should be good enough reason to visit this place. Maybe if you listen closely you’ll be able to hear the voices chant in Dothraki, the sounds of a thousand horses marching to claim what IS theirs and khaleesi’s commands echo.

5. Grjotagja cave, Iceland: “You know nothing Jon snow”, Ygritte says as the night dawns in on their love. This alluring, seductive cave in the lake Myvatn area has been a hot (very literally) tourist destination for a long time. With spending colours it casts on the ceilings, the slow sounds of gushing water and the way it seems to wrap up all around you, this place will surely make you feel like a wildling.

6. The dark hedges, Northern Ireland: A tree tunnel near Armoy, with a stretch of trees standing tall and strong for the past 200 years and creepy tales of haunting legends. This place screams game of thrones. The photographic possibilities, the alienating feeling of dark mystery and at the same time the soul touching place that this is, it’s totally worth it to give this bewitching and charismatic place a shot.

7. Alcazar of Seville: The seat of house Martell, capital of Dorne aka the royal palace of Seville in Andalusia, Spain is a ravishing and glamorous place. With historic fashionable architecture of past time frames with Moorish influences and a grand complex with colours and designs of Arabic influences combined with Mudejar artwork this place will take your breath away.

In the game of thrones you either win or die, doesn’t mean you can’t treat your eyes once in a while and explore some of these appealing, fanciable and aesthetic destinations. Also while you’re there spread the word will you, Winter has come and so has the real war.