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Best Hotels for Enjoying a Little Bit of Country and a Little Bit of Rock ’n’ Roll in Lubbock

23 April 2016 If you love the ’50s rock ‘n’ roll scene, then there’s a good chance you’re a Buddy Holly fan and you’d love to explore Lubbock, Texas, his city of birth. ... read more

New Luxury Hotel Opens in Rajasthan, India

16 May 2011 A brand new luxury hotels now adorns the semi-desert Rajastan historic hot spot of India. A fresh addition to Jaipur’s accommodation industry, Devi Ratn was just opened to guests by ... read more

Corinthia Hotel London, Officially Open to Guests

9 May 2011 Corinthia Hotel London Corinthia Hotel London has officially opened its door to the public today, welcoming guests to their new landmark 5-star luxury hotel in the British Capital. A mix of traditional grandeur ... read more

France Distinguishes Top Hotels with “Palace” Label

5 May 2011 Call them upper upscale, call them luxury or exclusive, even the top hotels need differentiators. This is the conclusion France reached and solved the problem by allowing a few top ... read more

Luxury Hotels Improve Rooms and Services, Cut Prices

21 March 2011 The economic downturn has severely affected the travel industry and luxury and high-end services in particular. Hotels had to deal with empty rooms, canceled reservations and even had to close ... read more

Security, Top Factor in Indian Hotel Star Rating

1 December 2010 Security is becoming a strong factor in determining star rating for India hotels. The Times of India quoted by USA Today announced hotels in India might lose their star rating ... read more