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How to ‘Squeeze In’ Some Pleasure When Traveling for Business

23 January 2013 Traveling for business does not only have to be about work, it can also be about having some fun when your work is completed. Most people find that when they ... read more

Frequent Business Travel Is Quite Fun, Survey Shows

20 August 2012 Frequent Business Travel Is Quite Fun, Survey Shows You’d think traveling all the time for business might be a hassle for those forced to do it, but the majority of businessmen think it’s quite a blast – they ... read more

6,000 New Hotels Opened for Business in Oman in 2010

10 February 2011 Tourists visiting the Sultanate of Oman have significantly more options in choosing a hotel. In 2010, 6,000 new Oman hotels opened for business, bringing the Sultanate’s grand total to 16,000. ... read more

Choice Hotels Attracts Travelers with First Hand Tests and Community Involvement

5 November 2010 Choice Hotels Attracts Travelers Choice Hotels is putting a lot of effort into reaching existing customers and attracting new ones by taking them on tours of their hotels and accommodating them for one night ... read more