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Best places in the world to photograph

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10 Destinations for Adventurous Travelers

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5 Things you MUST do when visiting Alaska

20 July 2011 Alaska is the biggest state in America covering a healthy 663,268 square miles. That means there is plenty to see and plenty to do, making Alaska the ideal holiday location. ... read more

Fliers Affected by Alaska Air Computer Breakdown to be Reimbursed

29 March 2011 A computer-systems malfunction that occured on Saturday has forced at least 12,000 passengers of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines to spend a few nights away from home, in expensive airport ... read more

New sports fishing rules enforced to protect the Alaska halibut

15 March 2011 If you were thinking of traveling to Alaska in pursuit of your sports fishing passion and the famous halibut, the new fishing rules might upset you. But it’s all for ... read more

2011 Brings Weeklong Cruises to Southeast Alaska

3 November 2010 Family owned tour company Allen Marine Tours announced it will offer weeklong cruises of southeast Alaska starting next year. The trip will start and end in Sitka and glide around ... read more