Staying Connected Off-the-Grid: How Tech Professionals Navigate Remote Destinations


Escaping to nature’s a familiar thrill, anticipating a well-deserved break. But in the age of remote work and digital connectivity, how do tech professionals like you stay connected even in the most remote corners of the globe? Dive into the experiences of three industry leaders who’ve cracked the code.

Blake Schwank’s Montana Adventure

Montana’s Flat Head Lake is not just any destination; it embodies serenity. When Blake Schwank, the revered CEO of Colorado Computer Support, sets his compass towards this natural haven, he looks forward to the relaxation and the challenges it brings.

“You’d think in this digital age, connectivity would be ubiquitous. But at Flat Head Lake, reliable internet can be a luxury,” remarks Schwank. “It’s essential for me to have reliable solutions.”

You might wonder how a leading tech expert, accustomed to the fast-paced digital world of Colorado Springs, manages his professional commitments amidst Montana’s vast landscapes. Schwank’s secret lies in his choice of mobile tech. His reliance on top-notch mobile internet tools ensures that the serene surroundings of Flat Head Lake don’t come at the cost of essential work commitments.

A Shared Challenge: Glenn Kemp’s Northern Getaway

Like Schwank, Glenn Kemp of Clear Concepts also seeks refuge in nature to recharge. His chosen paradise? The picturesque areas north of Winnipeg. A favorite summer escape for many in Manitoba, it offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

“Traveling north of Winnipeg is like entering another realm. But the flip side? Internet connectivity can be spotty,” shares Kemp. “It’s a constant balance between enjoying the wilderness and ensuring I’m not completely off the grid, especially when work calls.”


With his extensive experience in the tech industry, Kemp swears by a combination of satellite communication devices and mobile internet solutions. These keep him connected and ensure that he enjoys his summertime getaways without any professional hiccups.

Ashu Bhoot’s Take on Remote Work and Connectivity

Ashu Bhoot from Orion Networks, a prominent figure in the Washington DC IT services community, echoes Schwank and Kemp’s sentiments. While Bhoot loves exploring new destinations, a stable internet connection remains a top priority.

“I’ve traveled to various spots, some even more remote than Flat Head Lake or north of Winnipeg,” Bhoot says. “The key is to be prepared. Modern technology offers various options, from portable routers to satellite phones. You’ve just got to find what works best for you.”

The Tech Behind the Scenes

The journey of these tech professionals highlights a shared challenge: the quest for reliable internet connectivity in remote locations. If you’re pondering ensuring uninterrupted connectivity during your next remote getaway, take a leaf out of these experts’ books. Research mobile tech tools, understand the connectivity of your destination in advance and always have backup solutions at hand.


Nature’s call is irresistible, and the charm of places like Flat Head Lake in Montana or the regions north of Winnipeg is undeniable. But in this digital age, staying connected, especially for tech professionals, is paramount.


“When you’re surrounded by nature, the last thing you want is to be bogged down by connectivity issues,” says Schwank. Kemp adds, “It’s about enjoying the best of both worlds.” And Bhoot summarizes, “Travel prepared, and the world is truly your oyster.”

So, the next time you pack your bags, ensure you’re carrying your essentials and the best tech tools to keep you connected, no matter where you roam. Safe travels!