Restaurants to Visit in Dublin Where You Will Surely Eat Like a Local

Dublin’s dining scene has evolved dramatically over the years. Because I was recently blown away by Dublin’s food, I can say with authority that this is true. It reflected its history and ingredients in high quality while remaining fresh and exciting.


Kingfisher, on Dublin’s Parnell Street, has become well-known for its vegan and gluten-free menu options. Locals love their classic fish and chips. The restaurant’s Beschoff and Leo Burdock’s specials have been praised by some diners. Don’t forget to order a bowl of their famous chowder. In addition, the scampi is highly recommended. Try the chips with curry sauce or cheddar cheese if you get tired of the standard fish and chips. The service is warm and welcoming, and the portions are always generous. Visit Kingfisher if you’re craving some good, old-fashioned comfort food while in Dublin.


Zaytoon is a well-known Camden Lower Street restaurant specializing in Persian and Middle Eastern food. Their specialties include lentils served with rice and a side salad. Their chicken shish kebab dish is well worth a try.

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The lamb and chicken kubideh, as well as the stuffed aubergine, are also highly praised by diners. The service is kind and competent, and the cuisine is well-marinated and freshly prepared. Visit Zaytoon if you’re craving delicious Middle Eastern cuisine.


Madigan’s Pub and restaurant is located at O’Connell Street Upper end. The restaurant is known for vegan and gluten-free options and traditional Irish pub food. The specials include Beef Cheek, Irish Whiskey Infused Chicken, and Braised Daube of Beef.

The ambiance is remarkable, and live music lights up your evening. The staff is friendly and professional. If you’re not keen on trying too many different cuisines, you can stick to the traditional fish and chips along with a pint. This is one of the top pubs in Ireland if you’re looking to catch a game after a hectic day of sightseeing.

Nancy Hands Bar & Restaurant

The Nancy Hands on Parkgate Street is an Irish pub with a traditional menu and atmosphere. The restaurant is well-known for its authentic Irish dishes, such as its creamy mussels cooked in whiskey, delectable fish cakes, and regular vegan and gluten-free selections.

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The incredible interior design might even have you reaching for your phone to play a short round of 9 pots of gold slot in honor of the Irish theme. The restaurant’s mirrored bar and magnificent fireplace both contribute to the ambiance. In addition, their fish and chips are among the finest in all of Ireland.


The top seafood bistro Cavistons is located on Glasthule Road. The restaurant has a welcoming and warm atmosphere, and its personnel are competent. Make sure to check out the meats, scallops, and cheese pies. The Hake & Turbot are their most popular delicacies. The sweets are delicious, and the wine list is outstanding. If you wish to eat unusual seafood, you may also try Tuna and Sole. The Prawn Pil Pil is also worth tasting, and their loaves of bread are excellent.


We recommend the locations above if you’re looking for tasty meals in the Dublin region. Fish and chips and other standards are available, but you may also try some of the local specialties.