Quick and Easy Guide to Plan the Perfect Trip to Honolulu – Hipmunk City Love

The gateway to all of Hawaii, Honolulu is the main flight destination in Hawaii. It’s the capital of the islands and is rich in art, culture, history, and sunny beaches. It’s the perfect spot to start exploring Oahu and the surrounding islands. So don your comfortable beachwear, and let’s see what you have to consider to plan your trip.

Waikiki, Honolulu

Photo by Kimo Ventura via Trover.com

Where to Stay and What to Pack?

When it comes to hotels in Honolulu, you are spoilt for choice: convenient and business friendly city center hotels, budget accommodation, or exclusive and private breach front resorts. Pick your hotel based on the type of trip you want, the duration of your stay, and who accompanies you. Once you have your reservation, it’s time to decide what to pack.

Honolulu is hot and humid, so pack for tropical weather. Light clothes, flip-flops, and lots of sunscreen are a must. The city is quite casual, so even on a night out you won’t have to be too formal. Unless you plan to attend black tie events, cool and comfortable should be your mantra.

When to Visit Honolulu?

Try to avoid peak season (July and August) and the weeks around Christmas and New Year. Not only will you pay more for everything, you’ll also have to deal with the suffocating crowds. Remember winter months come with a bit more rain than usual, but you should be experiencing warm and sunny weather all year round. Sneak attack tropical storms might change that once in a while, but any time is a good time to travel to Hawaii.

Another great idea would be to time your trip around major Honolulu events. The Honolulu Festival, which celebrates the arts, music, dance, and crafts from across the Pacific for three whole days takes place in March. Lei Dai Celebration happens in May and Lantern Floating is organized on Memorial Day. Don’t forget First Fridays which are organized every month, allowing you to experience local artists in downtown art galleries, street entertainment, and wine tastings.

What Should You Pay Extra Attention to?

Sunscreen. I’ve said it before, but make sure you don’t run low on you stocks as the Honolulu sun will get you! Thieves are another thing you should learn to avoid, but your first and foremost concern should be water safety. Pacific waters mean strong currents, sharp coral, and rather big waves. Emergency services are an option if an accident or health issue arises, but remember that most hotels have a doctor on staff.

What beaches are you allowed on, you ask? The good news is all Hawaiian beaches are open to the public by law. There are private beach property, but if there is a public access beach, you are more than welcome to enjoy the sand and the waves.

What to Add to Your Itinerary?

Pearl Harbor and Waikiki beach should be high on your list, but don’t be afraid to stray from the beaten path. Explore the different cultures of Hawaii, discover the hidden waterfalls and hiking trails, and stop by the Polynesian Cultural Center!