Outdoor Activities to do During Rains

rain fun

Rains make traveling a bit difficult so I usually put a pause on my traveling adventure and instead do other activities that let me enjoy the rains to the fullest. May it be indoors or outdoors – I love anything that lets me enjoy the rains. Here are some outdoor activities to let your inner kid loose.

1. Puddle-splashing contest

Gather your friends and let all of you have the children in you out. Hold a puddle splashing contest. You are all grown-ups now and don’t have moms telling you to avoid puddles so might as well take advantage of it. Go out on a walk and jump in the puddles and see who can splash the most water.

Be careful though and only do this in the neighbourhood you are familiar with and now the depth of the puddles. Some irresponsible places have manholes not covered, we don’t want an accident to happen. So, maybe stay limited to your backyards or the countryside roads.

2. Backyard water park party

You know how there are rain rooms in water parks and people love dancing in the artificial rain, this is the same but with real rain. Turn an extremely rainy day into a perfect rain party. If you have sprinklers then it can give you the additional water park effect and will be fun to run around and dance in. If you are thinking of making it more fun and childish then you can always add water balloons and water guns but minus that and you have a fun adult party for cheap. You can end the party with some sizzlers indoors.

3. Go on a hike/ visit a waterfall

Going on a hike when it is raining is one of my favorite things especially in a luscious path. The green looks so much brighter in rains and I love the smell and feel of everything around. Make sure you take your rain jacket and rain boots with you because it is all about having a good experience. If the hike leads you to the waterfall then it is the perfect trail, to be honest. Visiting waterfalls in rain is a must activity at least once in your lifetime. Make sure to take all the security measures though.

4. Go for a swim

Swimming in the rain is so much more fun. The water is significantly warmer and feels really good to jump into while feeling the rain on you. You can go swimming in your own pool or a lake nearby. Do not go to indoor pools because there is no point in it actually because we are talking about having fun in the rain.

Rain doesn’t mean you have to stay holed up in your room. Even if you don’t like rains you can find something that you will enjoy. If you really don’t want to then sitting inside and watching the rain is always fun. Add in reading or listening to songs and you have your fun and relaxing time right there. You can always watch the rain droplets race on your windows, right?