Best Water Parks in the World

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Water, the opposite of fire and the neutralizer of fire. Our 1st line of defence against heat, isn’t it?

With summer around the corner, we are all busy thinking about ways to beat the heat. We think of ways to cool ourselves through drinking fluids, taking lots of showers, fans and air conditioners, visiting places with cold climate and of course, recreation. Recreational activities using water is common nowadays with water parks in town. Let’s look at some of the best water parks in the world.

  • Beach Park

Location: Fortaleza, Brazil

It is famous for its gigantic rides like Insano the fastest water slide and the world’s tallest at 135 feet. The kid’s favourite is the Acqua Show, which is a play area for the kids. It is huge and is top-themed with 8 water slides, water cannons and synchronized water jets. And while you are there, do not forget to check out the humongous half-pipe slide, Kalafrio.

  • Aquatica

Location: Orlando, Florida

Two huge wave pools, a fiery ride, the Omaka Rocka where the ride is through a trail of fumes and funnels and the Dolphin Plunge water slide which is a ride through an aquarium of dolphins are what you will find there and so much more. It also has a white sand beach and gardens having more than 60000 plant species.

  • Etnaland

Location: Sicily, Italy

It is the pride of the water parks in all of Europe. It was established in 2013 and since then, has been having huge number of customers to view the cool laser show, play in the eighteen water slides, and even dinosaur themed water rides.

  • Noah’s Ark Water Park

Location: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Known to be the largest water park in the US, it has some of the most unique rides. Racing on the Quadzilla mat slide, fifty one slides and the Surfing safari surf simulator sounds crazy and fun. The ride which is a must-go-to is the Scorpion’s Tail which drops participants into an almost inverted loop through trapdoor capsule not allowing them to go back.

  • Waterbom

Location: Kuta, Indonesia

A very family friendly theme park, you can never be disappointed with their water rides. The most famous ride in this park is the one at 40 mph and 2.5 G-forces. This is Climax, the most thrilling ride at Bali. They have a “Funtastic water playground” which has water cannons, jets, an amazing tropical lazy river and small slides.

  • Siam Park

Location: Tenerife, Spain

Situated on the island of Tenerife, this is the water park that is known for its 91 foot tall Tower of Power. Participants plunge down vertically after which they are shot to a stingray and shark aquarium. It is a Thai themed park.

  • Watercube Waterpark

Location: Beijing, China

You will find huge jellyfish and bubble clouds hanging suspended from the ceiling. The park has the funnel-shaped Tornado ride, Bulletbowl and Aqualoop slide. All the rides were designed elsewhere and were shipped in.

Get in, dive in to the water pools. Here’s our outlet for refreshment this summer.