Looking for A Cannabis Cafe to Visit Around The World

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Are you looking for cannabis cafes to visit in your travels? If so, then this article will help stoners decide. Hungry potheads can check out all those meals and beverages served with or without “high.”

All of these places offer great-tasting cannabis-infused foods and drinks. Many of these restaurants are private, and the chefs spend many nights studying different formulas. You can even try your own blend of cannabis-infused coffee or tea! However, it’s also possible to make your own cannabis-infused drinks at home. You need to look for indica seeds for sale online and grow them at home. Harvest the buds and begin the decarboxylation process, allowing you to infuse the cannabinoids into your meal or drinks.

Grey Area Coffee Shop

If you’re in Amsterdam, you should try the cannabis coffee at Grey Area Coffee Shop. It’s a small but highly popular cannabis hang-out with a celebrity following, including Willie Nelson. They have several award-winning strains of cannabis but don’t expect leg room. Instead, expect to sit in a cozy, back-to-basics environment that’s perfect for people who are in the mood for a chill vibe.

Gusto Green

For weed lovers, the culinary options at Gusto Green are irresistible. The restaurant, located on the ground floor of a downtown cannabis incubator, incorporates non-psychoactive cannabinoids and hemp leaf into its dishes. The menu features a focus on seasonal vegetables and gluten-free carbohydrates, but the cannabis leaf also plays a central role in its dishes.


If you’re a foodie who loves the wonders of the plant, a trip to a Sayegh cannabis restaurant may be in order. Known as the Herbal Chef, this chef incorporates ancient plant medicine into modern cuisine. In addition to being a Michelin-starred chef, Sayegh studied molecular cell biology, physiology, and the chemistry of food plant medicine. This background is evident in his menu. Despite his extensive training, Sayegh remains a kid at heart.

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The original Cannabis Cafe has a few quirks that make it stand out. Its kitchen must be kept separate from its cannabis sales, which means that the restrooms are located behind the venue and must be accessed from the front door. It is one of a handful of similar ventures in the Los Angeles area, but it has become increasingly popular and requires reservations. As a result, it is highly recommended that you make a reservation before you head out to try their smoked food.

Cheba Hut

If you’re interested in visiting a cannabis-friendly restaurant, then you’ll want to check out Cheba Hut. This Colorado-based chain has 25 locations around the world and accepts marijuana as a valid form of medical treatment. In addition to offering a wide range of marijuana-infused meals, Cheba Hut also offers a variety of sandwich options named for popular marijuana strains, including the popular Kali Mist.

Arcane Revelry

When it comes to dining, marijuana is definitely on the menu. In fact, there are several cannabis restaurants all over the world, but there are only a few that are as fun as the Arcane Revelry. Located in LA, it has been dubbed the “cannabis restaurant with the best food.” Whether you prefer to eat at home or dine out, Arcane Revelry can make your dining experience one of a kind.

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Casa Stefano

If you are planning a trip to Uruguay, make sure you consider the many benefits of marijuana tourism. Uruguay’s many scenic beaches and delicious restaurants are perfect for tourists interested in cannabis. There are several accommodations to choose from in this country, and the prices are reasonable. You can also find accommodations with a view of the Uruguayan mountains or the Pacific Ocean. Casa Stefano is one of the best places to indulge in cannabis and eat it, too.