Is Private Jet Chartering Likely To Become A More Popular Form Of Executive Travel In The Future?


Watching the current trends, it seems like private jet chartering is likely to become a more popular form of executive travel soon. Earlier private jets were considered to be a luxury only the ultra-rich could afford. If we have novels, movies, TV shows, anything from the entertainment industry to go by, then it was also one of the main attractions in them.

No matter the genre, a private jet was a status symbol – the villains in the movies sported a private jet and a chasing scene with it being mandatory or the male love interest who is an ultra-rich and ultra-successful businessman and who either didn’t have time for love or couldn’t be wooed by anyone but our female love interest in a romance novel or movie has a private jet, which he will most probably use to take the love interest out on a date. Nothing like a date in a private jet to fall in love, right?

That is not the case now. Private jets have been getting cheaper to charter, making businesses opt out for their services. They are no longer exclusive to the rich and famous, so companies and businesses have started to see the advantages of letting their employees travel privately. When I talk about them getting cheaper, I don’t mean that your average Joe can charter them. They are still expensive, of course, just not as much as they used to be.

The advantages that the private jets provide are enticing enough for businesses to shell out coins for. The seats are more comfortable, perfect for people who travel constantly and their flights are the only times they get to rest, relax, and unwind, which depicts the lives of busy executives perfectly.

How many times have you flown with people who wouldn’t shut up or with children who wouldn’t stop whining, does that not mean your plans of catching up on some rest literally fly out the window? Private jets are typically smaller, which means there will be fewer passengers aboard. The stress of having to deal with people is negated when you fly private.

In addition to the traveling, let’s talk about the time it takes to check in and out. You don’t have to be hours before the departure time at the airport. It will take 20 minutes at best to check in and get settled in and ready for your journey. Because of the size of the jets, they can be landed at small airports too, so reaching your destination becomes easier and quicker.

Not to mention, in addition to all of this, the luxurious and comfortable experience of flying in a private jet. All things considered, it does make sense for businesses to charter private planes, it saves them a ton of time and headache, plus the experience is the cherry on the cake.

Why do you think it became this easier and cheaper for private jets to be chartered? I think it has something to do with the recent rise of the start-up culture. Start-ups have been coming with so many great ideas to make everything better and easier for every business. They focus on every little detail and build an empire on something nobody even thinks of changing but everyone benefits from.

The start-up companies have enabled passengers to book single seats on the private jets, rather than the entire planes. This obviously makes it a much more sustainable option for a ton of people and logical too. Some companies in the same game will offer competitive prices when you charter an entire jet. They make what already was more enticing with also giving you an option to get something more affordable in the form of single seats.

Empty leg seats are also one of the reasons that people who cannot generally afford executive private jets can now travel in them. Empty leg seats mean when a jet has dropped off passengers and is returning empty, what the companies do is that instead of flying back empty, they offer tickets at a very low cost. So it is a win-win for the jet companies and the businesses who book tickets.

All things considered, it is becoming more affordable and hassle-free to charter private jet and is seriously a more attainable option for businesses, so it does seem like private jet chartering is lively to become a more popular form of executive travel.

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