New App Helps You Find Dining Deals Where You Travel

Saving money and sticking to a budget are becoming major concerns for most travelers, as transportation prices rise and making the most out of your trip becomes a more expensive goal. With the emergence of daily deals, coupons and special offers sites, saving money on your wining and dining can help you travel to your heart’s desire. New free iPhone and iPad app BiteHunter aggregates all dining deals based on your current location, saving you time spent reviewing all general coupon and specials sites.

Although a traveler’s gem, BiteHunter is currently available only throughout the USA. If you’re traveling there, their extended search for daily deals, specials and events at dining establishments through sites such as Groupon, deals newsletter subscription, plus the social streams of local restaurants will provide you with localized results to choose from. The app currently looks for the best dining specials through about 50,000 local deals. 

Focusing on providing real-time location-based dining results to choose from, BiteHunter, the site and iPhone app, aim to function as the Kayak for restaurants, as explained by CEO Gil Harel to Mashable. At this time, BiteHunter generates revenue from commissions earned by referring customers to deals and specials services, thus keeping the app free of charge. In the future, they plan to set their own ad network to generate revenue.

What makes BiteHunter work so great is the tough competition between coupon sited, daily deals aggregates and dining venues themselves. In their attempt to stay on top, they update and promote their deals extensively, giving BiteHunter more material to work with. This turns into many dining options for locals and travelers alike, allowing them to find the food they crave for extremely fast and only a few blocks away.

Photo courtesy of Mashable