Interesting Ways to Soak Up the Viking Culture at Home or Abroad


It’s now easier than ever to explore ancient cultures from across the world, whether you decide to travel far from home or not. In the case of the Vikings, you can learn about them and how they lived in several interesting ways.

Play Viking-Themed Games

Playing a Viking game is a good starting point if you want to get immersed in the characters and objects from this era. A look through the titles at reveals the likes of Vikings Unleashed Megaways, Vikings of Fortune, and Viking Hoard. These games all use the classic slots gameplay but add in bonus features, images and symbols that are used to fit the theme – such as warriors, longships, and weapons.

Another option involves trying the strategic board game known as tablut. It’s a variety of the hnefatafl game, also known as Viking chess, that was spread across Northern Europe by Viking communities, according to Played on a 9×9 grid where one player attacks and the other defends, it’s becoming popular once again as modern versions have been produced using the ancient rules.

Visit the Leading Viking Sites in Norway

A trip to Scandinavia allows you to check out some Viking sites, with Norway arguably the best place to do this. In the capital city of Oslo, Viking Planet is the first digital Viking museum where you can see virtual reality action to find out how these people lived and traveled. The Historical Museum and the Museum of the Viking Age are other cultural options in and around Oslo.


Researchers have recently discovered the remains of a Viking ship at a burial mound in the Trøndelag region, as reported by This is just one of the many archaeological sites you can visit across the country. The Lofotr Viking Festival and the Oslo Medieval Festival are among the existing annual celebrations where you can discover more about this fascinating culture.

Viking” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by hans s

Viking Tourism in Sweden

Neighboring Sweden is another country with a rich Viking heritage to explore. Birka, to the west of Stockholm, is a good choice for visiting one of the region’s best-preserved sites. This was once a thriving trading post, and it can be visited easily on a day trip from the Swedish capital.

Visit the Trelleborgen Fortress, in Trelleborg in the south of Sweden, if you want to see the country’s only ring castle from the Viking era. It’s been carefully reconstructed to create an open-air museum with a farm attached. A Viking Festival is held here during the summer and typically involves a battle reenactment you can watch.


These are great ways to learn more about the Viking way of life. Some of them also allow you to discover new places simultaneously, while others let you get a taste of this culture conveniently and without leaving home.