How to Spend an Unforgettable Summer Vacation in Italy: The Most Popular Places and Attractions

How to Spend an Unforgettable Summer Vacation in Italy: The Most Popular Places and Attractions

Colorful, warm, sophisticated Italy. A country with an eventful history, where few people would refuse to spend a summer vacation. If you decide to indulge yourself on your summer vacation by visiting both popular and quieter parts of Italy, you won’t be disappointed.

World Heritage: Must-See Central Italy

One of Italy’s four notional regions is its central part. The eternal city, Rome, simply can’t leave a negative impression after visiting it, and it doesn’t matter too much how well you know its history and whether you’re into the ancient world in general. The Colosseum with its monumentality, the Pantheon with its divine interior, and the Roman baths – while in these places you’re sure to feel the spirit of the country’s rich culture.

For Gourmets: Hearty Italian Food and Wines

If the Italian iconic sites and monuments tire you out a bit with the noise of the traffic, you can always grab a bite to eat at a restaurant, drink good wine and spend time on one of your favorite Internet sites. If social networking bored you, you can dilute their visit to such a fascinating site as casino, where everyone can find a bright game to his liking and get fresh emotions from it.

Not Only Rome is Interesting

Pisa and Florence are the places in central Italy where you can enjoy atmospheric architecture time after time. The famous recognizable tower of Pisa and the oldest museum in Europe Florence with the works of great masters of the Renaissance are places that can be visited many times and still get new emotions over and over again. Consider embarking on captivating Florence tours, where you can delve deeper into the city’s artistic treasures.

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And the Cathedral of Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore, with its unique stained glass windows, frescoes, bas-reliefs, and a huge dome impresses everyone, whether you are a resident of Italy or a tourist.

Popular Places and Cities: Great Views and Bargain Shopping

Magical Venice, the picturesque Lake Como, Milan – places you will never tire of visiting. The beautiful city that discreetly disappears under the water, Venice is certainly one of the most romantic places on earth. A gondola ride offers views of the canals and buildings and the very inspiration that could have ended long before your vacation.

Lake Como is the place where almost every European would like to own a villa so they can enjoy this corner of the world much more often. Deep waters, surrounded by green meadows, vineyards, and mountains, as well as the very air of the nearby Alps can bring to mind the idea that there is a paradise on earth.

Milan is no less attractive place. Milan’s cathedral is beautiful and the city itself is famous not only for its panoramas but also for its abundance of fashion stores with tempting seasonal sales that are visited by shoppers from all over the world.

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The majestic beauty and destructive power of nature: Vesuvius, Pompeii, and Etna. One of the most dangerous volcanoes in Europe, the dormant Vesuvius, makes everyone who visits it think about eternity and the inexorable power of nature. This volcano destroyed Pompeii and Gurculanum in 79 AD.

Under the multi-meter layer of ash which covered Pompeii, there were found both man-made monuments of human culture – preserved fragments of villas and other buildings of the once prosperous city, and more frightening “monuments” of the mighty and dangerous nature – bodies of people and animals caught up by Vesuvius eruption.

Etna is the largest European volcano that continues to grow. It is located on the Sicilian coast and has very many side craters. The peculiarity of the volcano is that it is active: smoke and small amounts of lava periodically erupt from the craters, so you should visit this place with a guide.

Vatican City, Cave City, and Other Interesting Places in the Country

Vatican City, a state within a state, does not require special introductions, and visiting it will be interesting not only for believers. St. Peter’s Cathedral, over which worked the great masters, the abode of the Pope himself – Italy is really the center of the entire Christian world. The ancient cave city of Matera is also on the list of World Heritage Sites and is incredibly distinctive. At the beginning of the twentieth century, people left the houses of the colorful settlement because of the lack of amenities, but the city will still be welcoming visitors for a long time.

No less atmospheric places are Verona, the city famous thanks to the great Shakespeare, where the events of the author’s tragic story unfolded, and the national park with colorful buildings on the steep cliffs – Cinque Terre. Truly, all of Italy is a place where you will never be bored on vacation, whether you spend it in Rome or any other region of this charming piece of land and one of the most beautiful countries in the world.