How to Reconcile Seattle Weather and Budget Travel

If you are a Frasier fan as I am, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Seattle is the rain. Yes, it’s well-known, it rains a lot in Seattle. The best months, weather wise, are in the summer, when hotel prices go up and your Seattle cityscape will be more expensive than you want it. Have no fear, there are always options and I am going to share my findings with you to help you plan the Seattle trip you’ve always wanted.

Seattle Waterfront

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Your first solution, if you’re dead set on traveling to Seattle in the summertime, is to browse affordable hotels in Seattle. You will get a budget room or a friendly BnB experience, but it will keep your spending in check. Of course, no matter what type of hotel you choose, the summer months mean you will not get the best rate ever. The sunny days will compensate.

The other option is to travel to Seattle off-season. We would not recommend winter months, unless Seattle is only a home base for a sky trip to Mount Si or Mount Rainier. Otherwise, prepare for lots of rain and the occasional snowfall. The temperatures are low, but so are hotel rates. If you love the cold, and singing in the chilly rain is what makes sightseeing exquisite for you, then December to February is the right time frame for you.

Spring and autumn are great seasons for travelling to Seattle. The rains are still relatively mild (or might even fail to make an appearance) and the tourist crowds have either left, or are still getting ready to take Seattle by storm. Spring is the most popular of the off-season choices. The average temperatures of Seattle promise mild days, but winds and the occasional rain might make it feel colder than it is. Make sure you pack some warmer clothes, just in case.

Although not as popular as spring, autumn is the best choice for budget travelers. The Emerald City is already void of tourists, the hotel rates drop, and rain will not be a problem. The closer you get to winter, the less pleasant the weather will be, so if you don’t go to Seattle in September, make sure you bring some warmer clothes.

The other big advantage of an autumn trip to Seattle is festival season! Everything from music festivals, fairs, sales, to free museum days will fill up your September and October event calendar. There is a festival celebrating each and every culture you might think of – Japanese, Hawaiian, Italian, and German with the ever popular Oktoberfest. There are events for stamp collectors, bird watchers, odd book collectors, film enthusiasts, and haunted house chasers. Some of the events that have particularly caught my eye are the Zombie Run and Zombie Theater, which seem great for learning how to survive a zombie apocalypse. One might also attend the Literature in Bars festival, in addition to several events dedicated to Medieval Culture.

As you can see, all you have to do is decide when to travel to Seattle, and relatively inexpensive options will be available to you. Time your trip to match your hobbies and preferences and head over to Emerald City.

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