How do you decide which will be your next destination?

There are trips you take because you have been dreaming about them for years. There are those you take because the opportunity just happened to appear (like a weekend in the mountains invitation from a friend). And there are the impulse trips you just decide tot take one bright shiny morning. Which are the most often and how do you decide on where to go?

I for one believe that short trips require little planning. You can instinctively jump in your car one morning and disappear into a weekend getaway. Or just buy a three day trip to a nearby city to see your favorite band in action. But when it comes to a longer trip, a decision making process steals the thunder from whims and momentary urges.

First, there’s the budget! Yes, the fun time killer that most of us have to consider. You have a budget and you need to stick to it. Or at least have some means of enlarging it 🙂

Then comes the period you can afford to dedicate to your travel adventures. Unless we decide to just forget the world and go traveling around the world, we all have jobs, families and other responsibilities to come back to.

Next to check on the list – who you are traveling with. You then have to sync budgets and timetables to make sure it’s all good for everyone concerned.

Finally the fun part begins – checking out articles, friends’ recommendations, their holiday photos and fun stories they happily share. You then select a few options and start looking for offers that fit your budget, either from travel agencies, either by researching and booking everything on your own.

The road is full of both fun and annoying events. Such as finding out you were trying to book your hotel 4 months before the holiday and everything was already book 6 months in advance. What makes you deal with everything is your idea of a wonderful vacation waiting at the end of the line.

What’s the funnest part of this whole process for you? Which do you like the least? And which vacation was your big organizing success? And I am asking about both well planned, long trips taking you far away and the quick runs to nearby tourist attraction 🙂

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