Global Hotel Exchange Adds 1,000 Extra Hotels, Takes California by Storm

The online travel agency postponed its official launch due to high sing up demand

Global Hotel Exchange, an online travel agency launching their very own business model for the hotel and accommodation industry, has recently signed over 1,000 new hotels through the California Lodging Industry Association and Independent Lodging Industry Association. The high demand for new hotels to be added to Global Hotels Exchange has forced the company to postpone the official launch, initially announced for last month, and push it to March 2012.

The Global Hotel Exchange business model focuses on cost-free distribution to hotels, helping them in a time where they are already facing ever-rising commissions and fees. They have already reported massive sign ups prior to the launch, CLIA and ILIA joining an already large family, which is expected to keep growing in the near future. As more signups mean time and resources devoted to integrating new comers in the GHX matrix, the OTA decided to postpone its launch to prevent any major hiccups.

“We are looking forward to adding over a thousand member hotels to the Global Hotel Exchange inventory,” said Bobbie Singh-Allen, J.D, Executive Vice President / COO of the California Lodging Industry Association and Executive Director of the Independent Lodging Industry Association. “This is an exciting opportunity for small and independent hotels to improve their bottom line with increased hotel revenue and bookings. We will work with Global Hotel Exchange to add several thousand additional hotels in the coming months.”

Hotels from around the world are also lining up to join this new online travel agency. As Global Hotel Exchange CEO Thomas Magnuson explains, “the massive number of hotels we are signing daily from dozens of countries clearly indicates a desire to combat a global triple threat of falling demand, lower room rates, and increased OTA fees.”

GHX is a consumer booking platform and will provide ‘market based pricing,’ a simple, fast and transparent way to book a room at a fair market price. Hotel owners will receive worldwide marketing at no cost. There will also be no merchant discounts, commissions or distribution fees of any kind to hotels. To finance their business, Global Hotel Exchange will charge a small one time service fee to consumers for each booking.

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