Giving Gifts on Russian Holidays in 2021


Giving gifts is an important part of every culture and tradition, but especially in Russian culture. While taking a gift along with you when you’re invited for dinner is a pleasant surprise around the world, in Russia it is expected of you. Russians also take holidays and festivals very seriously and spend quite a bit of their income in getting thoughtful and precious gifts for their loved ones.

Who can blame them? There aren’t many better ways to tell someone that you love them than by giving them a gift. It’s a tangible representation of your emotions, and while people can forget words and actions, it’s difficult to forget a perfect gift.

If you want to gift your Russian co-workers, friends or family during this difficult time, there’s no reason why you should skip Russian holidays. There are plenty of online services that will deliver your thoughtful gift to their doorstep in Russia, such as Russian Flora.

So, let’s find out a little more about Russian holidays so that you can brighten the days of the Russians in your life!

New Year and New Year’s Eve

I know what you’re thinking: isn’t New Years a big deal all over the world? Well, yes, but more so in Russia. In fact, since Christmas was banned for so many years ever since the 1917 Revolution, Russians turned towards New Years’ to celebrate the holiday season. It is celebrated with huge parties and events, and Russians will spend many weeks leading up to New Years’ to shop and find the right gifts.

Mens’ Day/Defender of the Motherland Day – February 23rd

Russia has a Mens’ Day! While it is especially for veterans, all men are appreciated on this day. Since it is a lesser-known holiday, a gift is highly respected and appreciated.

International Women’s Day – March 8th

Women’s Day is a big deal in Russia, it simply does not go unnoticed. All women receive gifts, especially at home, like flowers and chocolates. Even at the workplace and in institutions, women are celebrated. It is expected of you to give gifts to all the women in your life.

What gift do I give?

Expensive whiskey, wine, and perfumes are always appreciated, as is jewelry. However, the focus on gifts is not expensive, but high-quality. You can choose to give chocolates and flowers as long as they are high quality and not cheap since that is looked down upon. The gift reflects your regard for the person.

You might think it is the perfect idea to gift a Russian vodka. Please don’t do this, since it looks like a lazy option to most Russians. It’s almost like you’re gifting them a household grocery item! What if you gift your friends a can of coke on Christmas?

If you’re thinking of gifting flowers, do not gift yellow flowers as they are not auspicious. While this is not a strict rule, it would be nice to make sure that the number of flowers in the bouquet is odd and not even. Even-numbered flowers are given at funerals.

It is always appreciated to carefully wrap your gift in attractive wrapping paper along with a card that has a note from the sender to the receiver.