Five Things To Do Whenever You Visit Qatar

Aside from visiting the country to witness the FIFA World Cup, Qatar is an excellent country that you can visit to enjoy a wide range of excellence. The country has many tourist attractions you can try, depending on what you like and where you would like to visit. Even though it frowns on placing bets on sports, such as playing Champions League predictions, Qatar is a beautiful country. You can do many things when you’re in Qatar. However, before you go, you need to have enough on your list to make your trip top-notch and smooth. Therefore, we’ve made a list of six things you can do whenever you visit Qatar and make the trip down to this beautiful country. So, add any of these activities to your list and get into them once you’re there. That way, you’ll enjoy your time.

Dune Bashing

There are many things you can do whenever you’re in the country. However, if you only have time for one thing, you should consider Dune Bashing. It is an intriguing experience that will push your experience in the country to another level. Therefore, you should consider it as part of your list. Take a trip through the desert, exploring the dunes as you drive to the sea. You can even spend some time in the luxurious Arabian tents or find space to pitch yours if you have the time. You can make it a date with the desert once you’re in the country. It is an exhilarating experience.

Visit Souq Waqif

As you decide to take a break from browsing Champions League predictions today, you will want to experience the old Qatari world, and you should take a trip to Doha’s Souq Waqif, an exciting place rebuilt to give the vibe and feel of the past. The iconic souq consists of different shops that sell exciting goods, giving a glimpse into the way many of the old-timers live and enjoy their time.

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You can buy different household goods, arts, and souvenirs from the market. You will even find exciting services you can patronize, ranging from wood carvers to tailors working their way. You’ll even see how the traditional agals are made. Undoubtedly, it is one activity you shouldn’t miss out on in Qatar.

Go to the Abandoned Village

You can also learn about Qatar’s cultural heritage and history when visiting the restored Al Zubarah Fort and the abandoned village. Although the archaeological remains on this site date back to the 1700s, the fort was built in 1938, making it the youngest part of the entire experience. The fort overlooks the traditional bustling pearl fishing village of Al Zubarah, although it is now abandoned. Even though it is now a ghost town, it is charming and exquisite. So, you can take your time to visit this part of Qatar to learn some things about the country’s historical heritage.

Check Out the Museum of Islamic Art

You can take a trip to one of the most beautiful landmarks in the country. It was designed by the renowned architect I.M Pei, and when he worked on the project, he suggested that the Museum be built on a standalone island to avoid other buildings obstructing it. Therefore, it is an excellent site to visit.

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So, if you’re in Qatar, you should consider this excellent site as part of your list to make your journey to the country better and more exciting. That way, you will have an incredible experience and can return for more exciting activities. So, when you’re in Qatar, ensure you visit the Museum of Islamic art.

Check Out Katara Cultural Village

After making the last of your Champions League picks, make sure to pick the Katara Cultural Village. This should be part of your list when you travel to Qatar. The incredible village is the gem of art and culture in the country. When you get to this location, you’re treated to a maze of passages and waterways meander, which reveals spaces for artists, photographers, and filmmakers. When you visit the country, you’ll find an incredibly designed Mosque patterned with purple and turquoise mosaic, an opera house housing the Philharmonic Orchestra, and an outdoor amphitheater overlooking the sea. This village is the destination for many tourists and those who want to see the country. If you visit at the right time, you’ll enjoy festivals like the Palestinian Heritage Festival, Traditional Dhow Festival, and concerts. It is undoubtedly a top-notch location and activity for a beautiful experience when you go to Qatar.