Finding the Magic in the Snow: Experiencing Fairbanks’ Unexpected Joys on Vacation


The winter wonderland of Alaska’s wild tundra is one of the most exciting places to spend the Christmas holidays, and it is no surprise that it features highly on most traveler’s bucket lists. Not only is it an awe-inspiring destination, an untouched wilderness of vast, dramatic landscapes, majestic glaciers, and remarkable outdoor adventure, but it is also a place where the magic of the snow becomes an integral part of the festive experience.

Fairbanks, Alaska’s second-largest city and the largest urban population in the interior, is an amazing place to explore on vacation. From dog-sledding to ice-sculpting, Fairbanks offers a vast array of unexpected joys that will make your winter getaway truly enchanting. Whether you are on a cruise tour to Alaska or a road trip across the Last Frontier, here are some of the best experiences you can have in this charming frosty city this winter.

Northern Lights Spectacle

The magnificent spectacle of the Northern Lights is one of nature’s finest and most impressive wonders. This jaw-dropping natural light show fills the night sky with dancing colors and electric displays, and even the scientific explanation (solar winds and explosions from the sun hitting particles in the atmosphere) has a touch of magic and mystery about it.

Fairbanks is renowned as one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora Borealis, and a winter vacation here is as close to a guarantee of a great show as you can get. Whether out on your own or on an organized tour, seeing the Northern Lights is something you’ll never forget.

Dog Sledding Adventures

Husky sleds have been a traditional part of Native Alaskan culture for thousands of years, and a dog sled adventure combines the thrill of mushing through snowy landscapes with a chance to get to know the customs and history of the indigenous culture of the state. There are plenty of tours in Fairbanks that will take you out into the snowy wilderness with your team of energetic, friendly sled dogs, offering a unique perspective of the Alaskan winter wonderland.

Ice Sculpture Exploration

In Fairbanks, the frost and snow are not just a part of the landscape but a canvas for creativity and artistic expression. Every year, international artists compete in the World Ice Art Championships, creating breathtaking sculptures made even more remarkable and poignant by their impermanence.


These cold, clear sculptures are a testament to the creativity that can emerge from a harsh climate and turn the city of Fairbanks into a unique gallery of frozen art.

Hot Springs Relaxation

Not every experience in Fairbanks has to be a chilly one! Visitors can escape the winter cold and indulge in a spot of pampering and self-care by dipping into the warmth of Fairbanks’ natural hot springs. Chena Hot Springs Resort is about an hour’s drive from the city and provides the chance to soak cold bones and soothe sore muscles in outdoor rock pools, with the frozen, fabulous landscapes as a dramatic backdrop. It is a serene and rejuvenating way to spend an afternoon, providing a beautiful contrast with the frosty winter setting.


Fairbanks, Alaska, is a glorious destination in which to discover magic in the snow. While the weather in winter might be daunting, there are so many extraordinary experiences to enjoy that you’ll forget all about the cold as you embrace the wonder of the season. From the glittering Northern Lights to the warmth of natural hot springs, Fairbanks offers a wealth of unique attractions that provide an exceptional winter vacation.