3 Fiji Holidays, 3 Different Ways

If you’re planning a Fiji holiday, firstly–congratulations! You’re about to have the experience of a lifetime. Fiji is a solidly popular holiday destination, and anyone who’s experienced its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, friendly locals and warm climate will tell you it’s worth the hype. One of the best things about Fiji, however, is that it offers something for every taste.

Beach in Fiji

Beach in Fiji by miguel sanchez / Flickr

However you like to travel, Fiji’s got something in store for you, whether it’s a rugged hike, a deserted island or an experience with some locals who’ll leave you enchanted. We know that everyone is different–that’s what makes this world so fantastic–so we’ve put together three very different suggestions for three very different Fiji holidays. Which one takes your fancy?

Cultural Buzz

Fiji has an incredibly interesting local culture, with influences from the Indian and British, as well as the original Polynesian culture of its native people. Contrary to what many believe, Fiji isn’t just about tropical Oases and cocktails at sunset–it’s about the passionate, friendly and ancient culture of its people, and their willingness to share traditions with visitors. Essential experiences for those wanting to explore Fijian culture is a visit to a rural village, partaking in a kava ceremony, experiencing a traditional dance ceremony and driving through sacred areas to learn more about the proud history of this fascinating population.

fiji kava ceremony

Fiji, kava ceremony by Mark Whatmough / Flickr

Active Tourism

If lounging on the beach is fine for ten minutes and then you’re ready for your next adventure, a more active holiday is probably something you’ll enjoy, and lucky for you, Fiji is just the place to find one. Snorkelling, scuba-diving, sailing, fishing, parasailing and jet-skiing are all activities available to the Fijian visitor, and if you’re looking to raise your adrenalin and give yourself a trip to remember, make sure you seek out some of the more action-packed activities on the islands.

Fiji snorkeling

Fiji snorkeling by dmscvan / Flickr

Essential experiences for the active tourist include taking a fishing charter to see if you can land a big one, trying your hand at scuba-diving and learning how to sail amid some of the most pristine scenery around. If that isn’t enough for you, Fiji has some great waves, so grab your board ad throw yourself into the surf!

Rest and Relaxation

If you’re the kind of person who likes utter luxury and relaxation on holidays to get away from the hustle and bustle of real life, Fiji can also give you what you’re looking for. Practically lousy with beautiful beaches, all you have to do is choose your patch of sand, decide on a cocktail, find a good book and let yourself drift off into Fiji time, where deadlines and schedules no longer matter. If you are looking for a bit of tourism, a Fiji cruise around the islands should see you right, and you can even combine it with a luxury lunch so that you never have to let go of your wine glass! Essential experiences for the luxury traveller include having a spa treatment, sampling local cuisine and turning over every twenty minutes so as not to get an uneven tan…

fiji sunset

Fiji sunset by Simon Clancy / Flickr

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