Extreme Paris: Heart Racing Activities and Adventures

If you think of traveling to Paris, words like history, architecture, art, romance or love might pop into your head. Or fine dining and exquisite pastry and sweets, maybe even a shopping spree for the ages. While all these are easy to find in Paris, this city offers quite a few adventures, and not just those of the raunchy variety found at the Moulin Rouge! A little adrenaline spike is not that hard to achive and you can seek comfort afterwards in the chic Paris hotels you have booked, followed by the obligatory gourmet meal.

The Best Scenery for Parkour

Parkour is an exciting sport to watch and even more thrilling to practice. Made popular by TV shows such as Top Gear’s parkour versus Peugeot challenge, or the use of parkour on hit series Arrow, there’s no better place than Paris to try it. It requires you to be quite fit, flexible, and insanely good with split second decisions. Should you jump off the roof or climb down from the building monkey-style? It’s a world of possibilities! If that’s not enough, you can add a little geekiness and mix cosplay with your parkour adventure. This video of a parkour group reenacting popular video game Assassin’s Creed on the streets of Paris should provide all the inspiration you need:

The Catacombs – Gateway to Unspeakable Horrors

Nothing like the underground ossuaries of Paris, where about six million people rest, to scare you senseless! Finding your way through dimly lit underground caverns and tunnels while the remains of those from long ago watch over you might not be for the more impressionable of tourists, but it definitely makes for a worthwhile adventure. The catacombs are so dark and mysterious that they have inspired incredible adventures like Anne Rice’s vampires who dwelt in the Paris underground, or the more recent movie claiming they are the gateway to hell.

Indoor Free Fall from 12,000 Feet

We might all be dreaming of a bunjee jumping adventure off the Eiffel Tower. There may be famous videos of it on the Internet, but alas, it’s illegal. The nearest bunjee jumping site is about three hours away. However, if you want a Parisian sky diving experience, you can enjoy one indoors–just try the free-fall wind tunnel of Aerokart which simulates a two and a half-minute jump from 12,000 feet. It might be a lot safer than actually jumping from a plane, but the sensation is almost the same.

If that’s not satisfactory, I strongly recommend the high risk, adrenalin-kicking base jumping option. Go to Montparnasse and enjoy a jump from the roof of a 210 meter skyscraper – Tour Maine-Montparnasse. You will need training if you’ve never done it before, but it is definitely worth the thrill.

If you ask the locals, the biggest adventure of your life will be… none of the above! All you need to have your heart jumping out of your chest is to drive around the Arc de Triomphe during rush hour (twice a day, morning and afternoon) Taking on this roundabout where about a dozen streets meet is quite the challenge.