Egyptian Book of The Dead Featured in British Museum Exhibition

The famous ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead which offered Egyptians a thorough guide to the next life is the main attraction of a new exhibit hosted by the British Museum.  Largely misunderstood and sometimes even feared, the book is actually composed of a series of papyrus scrolls inscribed with various spells and illustrations.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead will be showcased within the first part of three exhibitions organized by the British Museum that will dive into death and spirituality as seen through the ages.

Mummies, gilded funeral masks and colorful cedar coffins will also enchant the public along with other treasures from famous Egyptian collections worldwide.The main attraction will be the scrolls themselves, long rolls of papyrus covered with black and red hieroglyphs afterlife illustrations.

“[the Egyptians] were not obsessed with death, as some people say – they were obsessed with life,” the exhibition’s curator, John Taylor, said Tuesday. “Most people would have died by 35, but they had quite a privileged life in many ways, and wanted to continue with it after death.”

The British Museum also plans exhibitions on the subject of devotion in Medieval Europe in 2011 and the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca in 2012.

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