Nexus Wants to Boost Cruise Ship Safety with Passenger Distress Signal System

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Leading provider of maritime safety and security solutions Nexus Consulting Group wants to introduce a cruise ship distress signal system which would be independently used by each and all passengers. Nexus proposed this new security feature after a thorough analysis of the recent Costa Concordia disaster, where a cruise ship sank, killing 17.

This new system would circumvent normal on-board, chain-of-command dictated procedures, and would thus prevent disasters caused by human errors. Passenger would be better equipped to deal with situations where the ability to make decisions of those in command is questionable due to alcohol consumption or other impairing causes.

The proposed passenger distress signal system is but one of 18 safety-driven changes for the cruise industry proposed by Captain Bill Doherty, Nexus’ Director of Maritime Affairs. Nexus also called for a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use among crew and staff of cruise lines.

“We have been actively advocating on behalf of cruise passengers in the weeks since the Costa Concordia disaster, and we’re not about to slow down,” says Doherty. “We believe passengers can (and should) demand trained, competent and 100-percent sober crew members on their leisure vessels. The 18 points of improvement we’re pushing forward are key to making that vision a reality.”