Can You Fly with Hemp Gummies in the US? A Professional Traveler’s Guide


When you spend your time traveling for work, the destination is only half of it. You’re going to have to get there, too. When life becomes travel, the art of staying sane lies in discovering new ways to cherish every day of your life – and, for me, hemp gummies have made an unlikely yet revolutionary addition to my travel kit.

The Prelude to Takeoff

Okay, let’s get this elephant out of the room: do you fly high with hemp gummies in the US? Having flown numerous times since discovering the best hemp gummies for collection flights, and having spoken to a dozen insiders – from Martha Stewart CBD to a room full of travel agents – and having done my research and conveyed it all, the answer is yes, but… The 2018 Farm Bill federally decriminalized hemp-derived CBD, from hemp gummies to hemp flowers to hemp dabs, provided that products testing hemp gummies for sale don’t exceed the federal limit on THC, 0.3 % on dry weight basis. That means if a gummy weighs 4 grams, it can have 12mg of THC legally. After that, TSA rules the skies.

Packing with Precision

I sometimes travel with them, but I plan! My practice is meticulous, so my gummies have the correct label, showing they contain no more than what is allowed by law. This way, the authorities know I’m not trying to sneak drugs into the country. I don’t mess around. If you are willing to risk charges, you can put gummies in a rectal-safe cavity. But I don’t do that. I prefer to be compliant. I also like to keep the gummies in the original packaging – and my belief is that putting them in the mouth closer to exploding the package makes the trip healthier for the medicine.

A Turbulent Encounter

As clear of skies as legislation appears, my travels could have been smoother. One time, a zealous TSA agent looked sideways at my bag of assorted wellness gummies.


Prepared for such scenarios, I produced documentation demonstrating that the product was made and sold in compliance with federal law. Such experiences should leave all of us well-versed on the law, prepared to discuss why it’s legal to sell and fly with hemp gummies. The skies might be open, but we must read the map and be ready.

The Highs without the Lows

Why? Sure, I could wait till we arrived. Toss back a margarita or two. But, over the past few months, hemp gummies have been one of the most reliable aspects of my travel regimen, a core component of the ritual of travel that can turn even the craziest, most frenetic of experiences into an adventure, can perhaps even help make travel enjoyable again, all while ensuring that I arrive with a sharp, clear, and unclouded sense of awareness. And after the hardest of travels, I can finally relax.

Journeying with Confidence

I didn’t wake up one day and become confident about carrying hemp gummies on planes. What I did grow was a base of knowledge that included a granular understanding of the legal landscape, an appreciation of TSA rules, and the effect of travelling today.


 Whether it be a zippy domestic hop or a lengthy jaunt across state lines, awareness that I’m travelling safely in line with federal rules has enabled me to cruise confidently.

A Word to the Wise

And so, fellow travelers who might be tempted to pack hemp gummies in your suitcase for your next trip, the skies are kind, but be careful. Ensure your gummies are compliant, expect questions, and, most importantly, keep abreast of what’s happening in the law. Traveling with hemp gummies has transformed the way I fly – my quarantine cocktail of calm and boost is my companion from departure to arrival.

While it’s legally not a problem to fly with hemp gummies, there’s more to it than that: wellness all the way down is my mantra, and the runway is the best place to practice it. I think of the Edibles, as we professional travelers call them, as an old friend—and the natural one, too. As a professional traveler, they’ve become an indispensable ally, making the skies a little friendlier and the journey a lot more enjoyable.