Best Places Around the World for Camping

Night camping

Camping is a hobby that every nature lover desperately wants to do. The warm glow of the camp fire and the toasty smell of roasted marshmallows fills the air. The guitar strings fill tye night with melody, while camp side stories fill your head with imaginations and thoughts. Let us see some of the best places to go camping around the world!

1. Skane, Sweden

Located in the far south of Sweden, this Scandinavian city is made of billowing fields, sandy beaches and charming old world towns. This place is apt for camping with its dramatic cliff coasts that leaves you trembling with the dizzying sight of the sea beneath you. The luscious deciduous forests give you the unique opportunity to camp in the womb of Mother Nature herself. This city has a camping ground to suit everyone’s desires and preferences. So, pack your camping gear and get ready to trek to this Scania city!

2. Asturias, Spain

Residing in the snug region of Northwest Spain, the Principality of Asturias is characterized by its rugged coasts, heaving mountains and the numerous religious sites speckled across it. The medieval architecture gives it an other worldly charm and camping the ruins gives you a distinct feeling of being in the medieval era. Of course, you can also camp up in the green mountain slopes, find an alcove for you that will be a perfect cuddle for your trip. You can also camp in the unruly coast and feel the waves crashing against the rock while you sleep.

3. Connemara, Ireland

This district resides in the western part of Ireland. It faces the Atlantic and the coast line of this beautiful place has tiny coves which are absolutely perfect for camping! The bays and fishing villages are just the cherry on top for the perfect camping opportunity! The Connemara National Park is an undying expanse of bogs, mountains, lakes and heathlands. This is the perfect spot for camping of you like ponies, grasslands, trees, beaches, secret coves and fishing! So, get your camping gear and trek away to this amazing place!

4. Tasmania, Australia

This isolated island state of Australia is located in the far south coast of this Island Country and continent. The rugged wilderness of this area is what makes it so charming to camp in. The parks and reserves protect the wildlife and thus gives an enchanting and natural beauty to your camping ground. The rabbits scurry about and the effect is tantalizing. It is the best place for camping and lighting a bonfire. Just be sure to put out the fire so that you do not start any forest fires! So roast some marshmallows and bring out the packet of smores! You are in for a great camping trip to Australia!

5. Ladakh, India

This hilly city situated in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir is also known as the land of high passes. The best place to camp in during summers, this land is fluttering with the cool breeze that comes from the Himalayas. The green mountain slopes are the perfect place for a little campsite and bonfire. The fir trees provide an excellent canopy as you lay down and watch the night sky. With adventure activities like rock climbing, Ladakh is the best place for you to go on an adventurous camping trip. Challenging trek paths are also there for you to quench your thirst for trekking.

6. The Alps, France

Camping in The Alps in France is a great way to revisit the simple awe that is inspired by this great mountain range. The soft scent of the evergreen trees permeate the very air you breathe. The star filled nights are a treat to your eyes and the the clean air that you breathe in gives you a fresh and rejuvenated feeling. So, put up your four poled tent, and get ready to camp in the green slopes of The Apls!
Camping is the best way to let your inner nature lover out and these places will surely fill you with the craving to do so! So, be sure to check these places out!