Alternative Travel Arrangements for Acrophobics

Acrophobia is an extreme or irrational fear of heights and hundreds of thousands of people across the world suffer from it. It’s not surprising that these individuals avoid stepping foot on a plane at all costs. But that’s not to say that those with flying phobias have to stay put in the same location for the rest of their lives. They can travel just as much as the rest of us. If you or a loved one suffer from a fear of flying, the world is still your oyster. You just need to arrange alternative travel and prepare to have a little more patience, as getting from A to B is likely to take a little longer. But remember, half of the adventure is the journey itself and there’s only so much fun you can have on a plane. Here are some alternative travel arrangements for those who prefer to stay closer to the ground.

Road Trips

Road trips feature on most people’s bucket lists and are the perfect travel option for people who like to keep their feet on firm ground. Road trips are an extremely flexible form of travel. You can take detours, make stop offs and even change your destination entirely during the journey. Traveling by car allows you stray further from the beaten track, witnessing landscapes and seeing things that relatively few others will have had the opportunity to experience. So, if this sounds perfect for you, it’s time to get planning. Use as large a vehicle as possible, to allow for more leg space and comfort during your travels. You will also want reliability, as breakdowns can cause huge delays and endless inconvenience. Check out the options on offer from, making sure that there’s sufficient room not only for all of the passengers who will be traveling but also for their luggage.

Scooters or Motorbikes

Scooters and motorbikes are another road-worthy options for extended travel. Every year, thousands of people participate in scooter rallies or motorbike rallies, traveling en mass up and down the country. So, if you like to experience things a little differently, it might be time to start planning your two-wheeled adventure. Remember to drive slowly and carefully, as bike riders are some of the most vulnerable road users.


Perhaps it’s time that you leave the shores behind you. Get your sea legs on and try out traveling by boat. There are plenty of options available and these can get you much further afield in a faster time than traveling on land. Cruises can take you to some of the most tropical locations that the world has to offer, while ferries can transport you and your vehicle shorter distances. Yachts and smaller boats give you more freedom and control over the direction of your journey.

So, there you have it! A fear of flying doesn’t necessarily mean that travel is completely off your agenda. You can still make your way pretty much anywhere and are likely to have a unique experience along the way.

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