5 Tips for Attending a Broadway Show

broadway show

Whether it’s your first time attending a Broadway show or if you have been to a few shows in the past, you could be wondering if there are any tips and tricks that can help you make even more of the experience. These five tips are helpful for beginners and those who have attended Broadway shows in the past alike.

1. Become a Subscriber

If you aren’t already, you may want to think about the option to become a Broadway subscriber. This will allow you to do things like swap out show tickets if you can’t attend a certain show, get the best seats, find out about shows before anyone else and more.

2. Choose the Right Show

There is a Broadway show out there for just about everyone, so take your time with choosing the right show. If you’re attending with your family, for example, you may want to look for a family-friendly option. There are Broadway versions of Disney classics and other favorites for kids, and these shows can be enjoyed by the entire family.

If music is more your thing, you might really enjoy going to a musical. There are modern Broadway shows, or you can look for a more traditional show if you think you would prefer the classics. There are always different Broadway shows to enjoy in Jacksonville, so don’t pick the first one that you find tickets for. Instead, do a little bit of research so that you’ll pick a show that you will really be able to enjoy.

3. Get There Early

If possible, it’s smart to get to the venue early. For one thing, finding parking can be challenging on show nights, so you want to leave yourself enough time to find a parking spot and walk to the venue. Arriving early will allow you to get to your seat before the show starts so that you don’t miss any of the action or interrupt anyone else who is there to do a show.

4. Let the Ushers Help You

The ushers are there to help customers with things like finding their seats. The usher will help show you where your seats are, give you a playbill and answer any basic questions that you might have about the venue or the show. Don’t try to do everything without them; instead, let them help you have the best experience possible.

5. Focus on the Show

When you get settled into your seat, make sure that you remove any distractions that might prevent you from enjoying the show. You’ll probably want to turn your cell phone off or set it to “silent,” and you should remove headphones. Look over the playbill to get an idea of the actors and actresses in the show. A little bit of chatter before the show starts is normal, but once it starts, you’ll probably want to avoid talking to the people around you if you can. Then, when the show starts, you’ll probably find that it’s a lot easier to focus on the show and understand what is going on. Plus, removing distractions is a good way to make sure that you aren’t impeding on the ability of others around you to be able to enjoy the performance.

If you’re going to be attending a Broadway show, you probably want to be able to truly enjoy it. Fortunately, the five tips above will help you enjoy your Broadway show as much as possible. Follow these tips, and you’ll be an expert at going to Broadway shows in no time.

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