5 Most Commonly Stolen Hotel Items People Replenish Their Wardrobes With

hotel room

Many travelers book hotel rooms for comfort and luxury or for the view the windows provide. Usually, guests just enjoy the fine decor and furnishing during their stay, but some decide to take the experience home. Literally.

While items being stolen is tolerable to an extent, it crosses the line when guests start stealing bigger items. Most of the hotel items are acquired at cheaper rates, so when hotels charge their guests for say a bathrobe being missing, they usually profit over it as they charge the retail price.

Don’t mistake this list to be 10 ways in which you can make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel room. Here are common items stolen from hotel rooms.

  1. Towels – You would think why someone would steal a towel from somewhere, and you would be surprised to know that many people do steal towels from their hotel room. It is understandable. Hotel towels feel soft and luxurious. They feel comforting. You feel like you are a rich heir on holiday. This is why many people decide to take the towels home.
  1. Bathrobes – Bathrobes make you feel rich, point-blank – no other reason for it. The bathrobes in the hotels are usually fluffy and nice feeling. I have been to good hotels, too, where this is not the case. The lush and fluffy ones get stolen the most so that people can take that experience home.
  1. Slippers – You’ll get confused over who’s the real slip-er when you try to slip-in the slipper in your grand collection of slippers waiting for you at home. Slippers aren’t a big thing. Many people assume that they are going to be thrown out after they use them, so why not take them home.
  1. Pillows – Most top-end hotels offer you a pillow menu. The first time I saw that in my room, I felt uber-rich, having a choice in pillows was just mindblowing. You will find some really comfortable and supportive options that suit your needs. This is one of the reasons that the pillows are stolen from the hotel rooms.
  1. Curtains & Linens – When I first heard about this, I was shocked. Who would steal something so obvious and so space consuming? My luggage doesn’t even have space to fit in the tiny toiletries, and people are out here fitting whole curtains in their bags. The curtains in hotel rooms are heavy and meant to block out sunlight. You can be cozy even during the day with these blackout curtains. The linens, too, are one of the finest ones you will feel; they are mostly Egyptian cotton sheets. People love it so much that both of these things make it into their bags.

Final Thoughts

If you consider picking up odd items during your hotel visits, don’t forget that hotels have your stay records and the records of stocks each day. They might not say much for small items, but if you try to slip-in the linens and curtains, then you might end up on their blacklist and might as well incur a fine.